Canadian certification....

Canadian certification....

According to Andre Amyot of transport Canada, they are waiting for missing test reports from Tesla Canada. The reports are to demonstrate that the vehicle meets regulations and standards under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations.

Also the Prime Minister's office is reviewing my request to delete the 6.1 percent duty on US manufactured electric cars.

I forwarded both emails to the upper echelon at TM.

toto_48313 | 26 octobre 2012


I got almost the same information regarding transport Canada...but my info was that they have the complete file, and were just reviewing it.

And finally I almost hope they will hold the approbation long enough that the Prime Minister will remove the 6.1% duty by the time we got the car ;-)

stephen.kamichik | 26 octobre 2012

Was it TM or Transport Canada that said they have the complete file?

RobertMontreal | 26 octobre 2012

I also got a reply from the Prime Minister's office telling me that they'd forwarded my email to the minister of international trade and that it was being looked at.

I wonder, though, if they are just blowing smoke...

stephen.kamichik | 26 octobre 2012

RobertMontreal......they are probably blowing smoke. Maybe they want us to think they are looking at it. King Harper is not for the environment.

Joshua Burstyn | 26 octobre 2012

I got the same reply for my letter RE: 6.1% duty on the 'S.

We shall see if it makes any difference whatsoever.

Brian H | 26 octobre 2012

He's just not taken in by Suzuki and the Tides Foundation.

toto_48313 | 26 octobre 2012

Stephen, The info was from TM, at least they were not aware that something was missing.

stephen.kamichik | 26 octobre 2012 info was from Transport Canada. It looks like Canadian certification won't be happening for a long while yet. If we are lucky Canadian deliveries will start by July 2013.

CraigT | 26 octobre 2012

Good one Stephen,

Linked in shows Andre Amyot as a certification engineer at Fisker!

You sure that he didn't tell you that the model S's were being recalled and that was the reason for the delay!

When is Fisker going to have a car in Canada?

toto_48313 | 26 octobre 2012

I don't expect delivery in Canada in 2012, even if Tesla seems more optimistic.
Transport Canada had not a reputation of doing approval quickly, but more checking over every details.

I just hope we will have it in 2013 (before summer)

Alan S | 26 octobre 2012

@GraigT, FYI I have seen Fisker in downtown Vancouver once in the summer and again last week, also apparently there is a Fisker dealer in Vancouver.

pbrulott | 27 octobre 2012

Seen 2 Fisker in Montreal last weekend. don't know if it had anything to do with the EV 2012 Trade show in Montreal.

pbrulott | 27 octobre 2012

Oh and no trace of a Model S at the Trade show...

ColinBowern | 27 octobre 2012

I just wrote my MP to poke him on the certification and 6.1% tax. If you are Canadian you should too so the politicians begin to realize this isn't just about enabling sales but also opportunities to build the next generation of automotive industry in Canada as well. We in Ontario have a lot of the old guard ruling the roost and they are holding our workforce hostage with their unwillingness to invest in innovative approaches like Tesla is doing.

jeeps17 | 27 octobre 2012

One would hope that Tesla has been diligent in providing all required documents to Transport Canada (they have done so with the Roadster, after all).

And yes, there is a Fisker dealer in montreal, I drive in front of it frequently, it is on Rue de Sorel near metro de la Savanne in the former Ferarri / Maserati dealership, and shares the building with a Rolls dealership.

That should give you an idea on maintenance costs...

CraigT | 28 octobre 2012


You are right. Tesla already sells the Roadster in Canada and the suggestion that Tesla isn't aware of what paperwork is required and that it is going to take 9 months to get the model S approved is just nonsense. I wish that Tesla would restrict these forums to people who have actually purchased vehicles.

Until proven otherwise we have no reason to believe that the cars will not be available as Tesla has promised. The certification process for manufacturers who have already been approved by Transport Canada is quick when the cars are ready to ship.

pbrulott | 4 novembre 2012

Update from the TMC forum... from GB

"Hello Canada!!! Just a quick note...

I know some of you are wondering if there will be a "Signature Update" coming your way similar to the one in the US several weeks ago? Yep, we will do so shortly. We needed to wait just a little longer to finalize a few things before sending it out. It will be hitting within the next week or so... all good news too!

General Production reservation holders will also be hearing from us soon. General Production configurations for Canada are on track to start right around the end of the month.


stephen.kamichik | 4 novembre 2012

Great news.

adufort | 4 novembre 2012

Spoke with Tesla representative last friday : they are planning to deliver all Can Sig befoe the end of the year ... 2012 ! Cannot wait anymore !

ArieK | 9 décembre 2012

Pbrulott posted the following in the thread about Model S Deliveries yesterday:

Quote from GB on the TMC forum:

"Hello everyone up north... Model S is now fully certified by Transport Canada

Just thought that might warm you up before the weekend!!!


The Sigs are coming our way