Canadien climate ?

Canadien climate ?

Does it work great in Canadien climate ? In the summer the temperature can go up over 30 degre celsius and in the winter the temperature can go down near minus 30 dregree celsius . And in Quebec we can have 320 cm of snow in winter .

Thanks !

jerry3 | 27 mai 2012

There is plenty of cooling to take care of 30C weather (30C is a nice day where I live--it's when it gets to 40C+ that everyone complains). Snow won't be a problem--provided you fit it with proper snow tires--because of the 50/50 weight balance, traction control, and vehicle stability control. At -30C you will need to insure that the battery doesn't freeze, and of course, capacity will be reduced. Tesla hasn't said whether they will offer an extreme cold package yet. Because the battery is water cooled, it shouldn't be a hard thing to put in a water heater to keep the battery at operating temperature. Whether they will do so is another matter. The cold weather testing done so far has been down to -23C.

pbrulott | 27 mai 2012

@ Boisvert

I live in Montreal and reserved Model S last August. Model S will be my second family car. For heavy snow, super cold temps (-20 and less) I will use my SUV awd simply because it is all wheel drive. but in ANY other situations I will use my Model S.

Winter performance of the S will be good. With liquid heated battery and great traction control even if RWD, it'll do an honest job (a lot better than many front wheel drive and rear whell drive on the market - there are plenty of post on the topic in this forum). Telsa proved lately that winter conditions were not an issue for its TMS.

I am not too worried. More worried about the Canadian pricing that hsould mbe out soon.

Volker.Berlin | 28 mai 2012
FAC | 29 mai 2012

@ pbrulott

I live in montreal as well. My major concern is more ground clearance. I saw the winter test videos and this represents a dusting of snow for us. With our icy roads and snow filled sidewalks, I like you will prefer to have my Tesla as a 2nd car (I would only use it 3 seasons).

stephen.kamichik | 29 mai 2012

Same with me, pbrulott. However, with air suspension the ground clearance can be set to as high as 7.9 inches.

pbrulott | 30 mai 2012

Guys I don't plan to purchase air suspension. As a comparison, a BMW 328 is between 5.1 and 5.5 grounbd clearance and a Mazada 5 is 5.5... I drove both in winter conditions and it was bearable. Not perfect but let me put it this way: The snow plower was doing a better job than me...

joesontesla | 30 mai 2012

I dont plan to purchase air suspension for reliability issues. a friend of me (inside audi dealer) told me that continental system on audi allroad have big problem with quebec climate and roads.

bsimoes | 31 mai 2012

My concern isn't about the cold so much as it is about the new substance they are using on the roads to melt the snow and ice. There have been some articles in the paper about the corrosive nature of this stuff, and many mechanics were quoted who said that it really caused havoc with any electrical systems in cars. I know that the battery pack is enclosed...but how enclosed and how well does the metal hold up to the chemicals in the ice melt sludge that is now used on roads?

joesontesla | 31 mai 2012

I know that volvo wagon aluminum talgates are very resistant to road salt (20 years near perfect condition original paint). when aluminum are in contact with rusted steel it corode very fast.