can't recommend the x for Mammoth?

can't recommend the x for Mammoth?

Love my Tesla but my friend drives from San Diego to mammoth about three times per month. It is 500 miles or so and I just can't see how a Tesla could reasonably do this for them. Even if they added a couple superchargers, seems like a pain to stop twice. Has anyone figured out a way for this trip to work well?

jjs | 2 juin 2014

@JAD - When/if there are supercharges available for the trip I don't know why he would want to drive anything else.

I, and many others on the forum, have described how much more enjoyable travel is in the S. It is quieter, it is safer, it has removed the low level vibration of an ICE engine. One arrives fresh as opposed to fatigued from the road.

Stopping at a supercharger only takes 5-10 minutes to get enough to make it to the next supercharger.

So I can't image driving anything else, unless saving 10-20 minutes in the 500 mile drive is your only concern.

Red Sage ca us | 2 juin 2014

Or... You can wait until the 220 kWh battery pack version of the Tesla Model X comes out, circa 2020-2025... ;-)

JAD | 2 juin 2014

Thanks for the thoughts. I am an owner and know how the Superchargers work, and no it is not 5-10 minutes to get 250+ miles of charge. Two stops of 30 minutes plus each would be more accurate and the Superchargers need to be in the right place for winter driving climbing 9,000 ft.

Don't get me wrong, Telsa's work for 90% of the people, and I have recommended them to many who now have deposits down, but these people are considering one, but I think it is a bad idea for 500 mile uphill winter trips.

@Red Sage, 2020+ is more like the next car, not waiting ;)

jjs | 2 juin 2014

JAD.....just shows what I know about your geography. I assumed relatively flat land. My bad. If there is just one supercharger between your origin and destination with significant elevation change you are probably right. It will definitely take longer than 5-10 minutes. However 2-3 supercharges along that route would significantly reduce time spent charging as the battery charges much more quickly when it has a low SOC.

I recently went over the Rockies in my S. SCers are every 90-120 miles. Made the trip a breeze. But it did add a little time compared to a ICE vehicle. But not enough for me to opt for an ICE. There was enough of that in the high elevation. :)

Here's hoping you get a few well placed SCers on the road to Mammoth.

Tâm | 2 juin 2014

I think people have been driving there with both 85 & 60 kWh packs. Just slow charge, not supercharge:

carlgo | 2 juin 2014

Tesla gives us a hint of upcoming models, battery costs and capacities and even battery factories, but absolutely nothing of about future charging options in those vast areas not served by Superchargers. There has to be a story there.

Red Sage ca us | 2 juin 2014

I think the story has already been told. Lobby for the HPWCs to be installed at destinations, such as hotels, ski resorts, or camping sites, that you frequent. I believe that for all the Superchargers that are installed, that ultimately there will be far more public HPWCs in the end.

carlgo | 2 juin 2014

I know that is the official line, but I do not think trickle chargers are the answer. People at hotels might be ok with that, but most people want to "gas up" and go and not be stuck in one place for hours. That is hobby class charging, not suitable at all for a real car company like Tesla. I truly hope that they are working on something good.

Red Sage ca us | 2 juin 2014

I don't understand...? I don't think HPWCs qualify as 'trickle chargers', do they?

HPWCs deliver about 30 miles per hour with a single onboard charger... Around 60 miles per hour with dual chargers... Someone stopping for lunch at a local restaurant, after they had reached their destination, would have enough range for around-the-town driving just from that.

If you spend the night, then a 14-50 or HPWC would 'fill you up'... That would be enough to get you back to the Supercharger network.

Unless... you want to be able to do 'day trips' everywhere... Where you do the mythical ski in the morning, surf in the afternoon, hit the clubs all night thing...

If so, then yeah... You'll have to wait for the 170 kWh, 220 kWh, 340 kWh battery pack solutions to materialize.

Bobrrr | 27 septembre 2014

The 395 super chargers ordinarily scheduled for 2013 aren't looking too good for 2014. No sign of life as far as I can tell. Another ICE year for me on my trips from so cal?

Bobrrr | 27 septembre 2014

Originally that is!

SamO | 28 septembre 2014

Those Mammoth Superchargers were posted as "soon" in winter 2013, then spring 2014, now . . .