Cargo Capacity

Cargo Capacity

For those that have seen a Model X, or know, how does the Model X cargo capacity compare to the Model S?

I'm most interested in just driver and passenger in each. How much more is the cargo capacity of the Model X.
The two salesmen in the Tesla store thought the Model S with all seats folded down had similar cargo capacity to that of the Model X, but having their SUV with similar cargo capacity to the sedan seems strange.

Thanks for your thoughts.

ian | 6 novembre 2015

Yup. Should be pretty close. Depending on the seating configuration of the X (6 or 7) I would give the X the slight advantage here. Even if you have to load stuff in front of the middle row of seats.

For long stuff that's not very tall, the S is pretty obviously the better choice due to the fold flat second row.

Tâm | 6 novembre 2015


This has been discussed extensively:

If you haven't watched the Model X Launch Event video, please do

It clearly emphasizes to place longer items such as bikes, skis... on the outside, not inside your Model X.

Model X itself is longer, wider, taller than the S. It can certain carry passengers and shorter length luggage very well.

However, if you want to carry a longer item such as 6 foot step ladder, you'd better do it with an S because I am not sure that's the purpose of the X.

Red Sage ca us | 6 novembre 2015

The Model X seems to be set up to stack cargo vertically, rather than hold extremely long items with the largest dimension as overall length. But should you need to transport a multitude of bags or boxes, the Model X beats out the Model S rather easily.

bp | 8 novembre 2015

The Model S will have a longer "flat bed" for items.

The Model X will have a shorter "flat bed" because the center row won't fold flat, however it will be able to handle taller items because of the increased height above the back due to the higher roof.

Because of the increased roof height, the Model X might have more total cargo volume.

Looking forward to someone publishing specifications...

Tâm | 8 novembre 2015


Good observations!

bscater | 8 novembre 2015

Remember the X has larger storage capacity in the front compartment than the S

Tâm | 8 novembre 2015


May be Model X's frunk has more capacity but its utility is questionable when you compare it with rear wheel drive Model S's frunk:

Can it accommodate a $400 City Elite stroller with 12" wheels from

Here folded by @Olen in Model S' frunk:

Can it fit 19" tire?

(photo courtesy from @wycolo)

Can it fit 21" tire?

Photo courtesy from @Louie G

Can it fit a grown up muscle man?

Can it fit 2 sitting up grown up men?

Red Sage ca us | 9 novembre 2015

Tâm: Excellent points, well presented!

madodel | 9 novembre 2015

Good to know you can fit a large body in the frunk. The RWD Model S should be the sedan of choice for hit men everywhere. :-)

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