CHAdeMO adapter

CHAdeMO adapter

Maybe everyone already knows this but here is what I heard from the Tesla store regarding a CHAdeMO adapter.

"A CHAdeMO adapter is a part of Tesla Motors roadmap. However, at this time there is no firm commitment for a release date in North America."

We have high speed DC CHAdeMO chargers in numerous locations throughout the Pacific Northwest, so this would be a welcome addition.

christurbeville | 11 juin 2013

This would be fantastic. The Texas I20 east corridor looks to be supercharger free even for the long term but there are many Nissan dealers.

Tosca | 11 juin 2013

As an almost, this week, owner, from the a Pacific Northwest I too would love an adaptor that would allow us to charge in the many remote locations that are high speed but need an adaptor.

Reilly McHugh | 11 juin 2013

I live in Seattle and am taking delivery later this month. I apologize if this is a dumb question but where are these chademo adapters and where are the chademo charging locations located?

ORWA | 11 juin 2013

Tesla hasn't started selling the Chademo adapters. I believe the main customer of this adapter is the Nissan Leaf. In the Portland area many of the Blink charging stations offer fast charging DC Chademo but we can't hook up the Model S to it. When Tesla releases an adapter it will allow us to charge much faster than the typical Level 2 public charging stations. They won't be as fast as the Superchargers, but it will be the next best thing. You can find locations offering DC Chademo adapters at and other public charging suppliers. will help you find them as well.

Reilly McHugh | 11 juin 2013

Thanks ORWA!!

AmpedRealtor | 13 juin 2013

According to this article from February, Tesla owners will not be able to take advantage of the J1772 "combo" connector to provide a fast DC charge either, so this is a larger issue than just not being able to use the CHAdeMO stations - we won't even be able to use the higher capacity J1772 connections either. Is this article correct?

DouglasR | 13 juin 2013

The article is full of factual errors, so I don't have much confidence that it is correct on this point either.

The Model S does not have a special cable for connecting to the superchargers. A supercharger will plug directly into the car.

There is no evidence that dozens of SAE J1772 DC combo chargers will be deployed by year's end. The standard has not even been finalized yet.

I have seen no statement by TM that the new SAE J1772 standard, when it is adopted, will be incompatible with the Model S.

AmpedRealtor | 13 juin 2013

Well I'm trusting Tesla Motors with making many forward-looking decisions, and since the car's internals can definitely handle the most powerful chargers being deployed I have confidence that Tesla will sell adapters or find a way. There appears to be a small standards war going on, and Tesla's supercharging system appears to be the superior technology.

DTsea | 13 juin 2013

They mean the Tesla cable is Tesla-only, not that you bring a cable to the SC.

The ChaDemo sites are on the Green Highway, visible in plugshare or whatever. They are free, too, at least for now; there are J1772s there as well. One in Bellingham, one in Burlington, etc.

DouglasR | 13 juin 2013

Here is the statement from the article, which I maintain is inaccurate:

"The Model S includes a proprietary cable for connecting with the Supercharger network."

The Model S does include a proprietary cable, but it is not used to connect with the Supercharger network. No separate cable is needed for that.

djm12 | 15 juin 2013

A combo SAE/CHAdeMO/Tesla charging station would be great, but will anyone actually build one?

Since Tesla is partnered with Mercedes - and MB appears to be going with the SAE standard, maybe MB will be one to promote an integrated SAE/Tesla combo charging station solution. (One station, two separate independent connectors) Sure would be nice for MB to help capitalize the Tesla SC network.

But where does this leave CHAdeMO? I can't find any substantive news on where Toyota is headed for DC quick charging. Will they go CHAdeMO with Nissan or leverage their partnership with Tesla? Or will they keep doing nothing...

In any case, current CHAdeMO performance is not a good as a Tesla SC (Best) or the SAE standard, but it is better than a Level 2.

MichaelN | 16 juin 2013

Conversations I have had with Tesla service folks is that Tesla wants other vendors to adopt Tesla technology and so CHAdeMO adapters may be a while if ever -
on the other hand, Elon seems intent on paving the electricity highway and given a helping hand like CHAdeMO, adapters seem a likely part of the future -

cerjor | 16 juin 2013

Is the CHAdeMO AC or DC? Our superchargers are DC while the J1772 is AC. If they are AC, I will need twin chargers installed to take advantage of them.

David70 | 16 juin 2013

Nope cer. CHAdeMO is just DC, but a lower power version than the superchargers.

wcalvin | 17 juin 2013

I would assume they are testing a CHAdeMO adapter and have run into issues.