Chargepoint L2 plugs not unplugging? poor maintenance

Chargepoint L2 plugs not unplugging? poor maintenance

Has anyone else encountered this issue with a few Chargepoint stations? I have been to a few so far where you swipe your card, and the Level 2 plug refuses to release. The Level 1 cover unlocks, but not the Level 2 plug.

It's particularly frustrating, because if you've already traveled a long distance and were counting on the plug to be available, you've wasted time and miles. Also, if you paid to get into a garage, only to find the charging point not working, that's $ lost.

Is this a maintenance issue? Are they not upkeeping their hardware sufficiently?

I realize they are providing a free service in many cases, but this could be improved...

ir | 4 octobre 2013

Yes, happened to me in a SF parking garage. A call to tech support and a quick reboot of the ChargePoint terminal fixed it. Good thing I wasn't in a hurry.

jat | 4 octobre 2013

I haven't had any problem with ChargePoint -- I have had a number of Blink terminals non-functional (usually the touch screen simply didn't work). At least in all those cases, there were multiple chargers so I just used an adjacent one.

craig.tesla | 9 octobre 2013

I had the same thing happen with a Chargepoint at the parking garage across from the Opera house in SF. Re-swiped card a few times, jiggled the plug, and eventually it let me pull it out.

soma | 9 octobre 2013

I asked Chargepoint customer service about it. They emailed back saying that the stations are owned and maintained by the purchaser / operator of the station. E.g. the parking lot owner, or the city.

Given how often the "L2 plug refuses to release" problem is coming up, it's kind of passing the buck for Chargepoint to say that it's up to the owners to maintain the stations. What is a station owner going to maintain in such an electronic/power hardware device??

I think they need to follow up more of their dead stations.