Charging efficiency and battery longevity

Charging efficiency and battery longevity

My car is currently being build and I opted for the dual charger and high power wall connector. I am running a 100 amp circuit so I will be able to charge at 80amps, I know I can set the charge rate on the screen in the car from as low as 5 amps to as high as 80 amps and anywhere in between. Does anyone know at which amp rate the charger is at its highest efficiency , and does anyone know what amp rate is optimal for the batteries longevity ? As an example if I have 24 hours before I need to drive the car again and I only need to charge 40 miles to full, so speed of charge not being an issue. Would I want to set the amps to 5, 10, 20 .......80 or does it simply not matter?

nickjhowe | 2 février 2013

For efficiency, 240V at 40A gives 31 m/h. 240V at 80A (HPWC) gives 62m/h, suggesting there is no efficiency difference. The car seems to be able to handle whatever you throw at it with similar efficiency.

I've never seen any statement from TM that any particular rate of charge is harmful or otherwise to the batteries. The only statement is "don't use range mode very often".