Charging problems post San Onofre shutdown

Charging problems post San Onofre shutdown

I'm having multiple charging errors since San Onofre went down - anyone else experience this for their Roadster. I'm having my electician check-out my 240V Home Charger > may need an added controller to prevent voltage fluctuations. My Tesla service advisor is warning about using the 240V cable and damaging it. Also will get a Roadster-J1772 adapter for charging at my work until this gets resolved. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

ggr | 11 août 2012

I'm in San Diego, and have had no problems. I have an original MC-240.

Brian H | 12 août 2012

Maybe the Smart Grid has selected you for special attention?

astraussmd | 17 août 2012

The heat wave has abated for now - was able to charge my car last night! Can't wait for my Model S > supposed to be an adapter for the Roadster I can use that is more stable to voltage fluctuations.