Consumer Reports: "The Tesla Model S is our top-scoring car"

Consumer Reports: "The Tesla Model S is our top-scoring car"

Consumer Reports in today's article with video says, "It performs better than the entries from any other car company.":

Brian H | 9 mai 2013

"Performs better than any other car ... a combination of a luxury car and a sports car ..."

Not tea bags!!

DallasTeslan | 9 mai 2013

Consumer Reports got it ALL WRONG. They should have consulted John Petersen before giving Tesla a rating:)

Teslation | 9 mai 2013

OMG, even Cramer is endorsing Tesla! Says production going to 42k cars! (Cramer been down on Tedla since Elon said Cramer was a contra indicator during his IPO review). ':•o

Brian H | 9 mai 2013

Cramer: "This conference call must be read. It is a textbook of what should go right at a company."

Joshua Burstyn | 9 mai 2013

It's fantastic news; hopefully it will spur more Model S purchases. :-)

Bubba2000 | 9 mai 2013

Model S & X need to be offered with the 500 mile battery priced at $85-105k; the 85 KW-hr models should go for $65-75k.. depending on options. Plus ubiquitous Supercharger network of at least 200 in the US highways. That is the market where Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche make their money. I think the SUVs would outsell the sedans, if they get rid of the funky chicken wing doors. Look at Porsche, last year they sold 83k SUVs of the total 143k auto sales!

This will happen, just takes time. Competition? Many do not have the right image, no nationwide supercharger network. Kind like iTunes, App store. Yes, competition came in, but by them hopefully, I have cash out.

Got to have an exit strategy.

wojahn | 10 mai 2013

I have had a Nissan Axxess and a Chrysler Town and Country that both of the rear doors slide sideways to open. I like that set up rather than only one rear door like my Chevrolet Lumina had with the door on the passengers side. I believe the model x with one gull wing door and one sliding door as an option would be the configuration that could please everyone wanting this vehicle. Hopefully it could be included as an option.

EgrolovesTesla | 11 mai 2013

I would like to see announcement of joint venture between SCTY and TSLA offering Hotel chains at no cost, solar powered supercharging stations. A win for all involved.

DutchNurse | 11 mai 2013

The overwhelming majority of my net worth is from investing not nursing. I can assure you, Cramer is far from an oracle. He does ok about half the time - Cramer is on TV because he is entertaining. Bottom line.

Teslation | 12 mai 2013

Egroloves Tesla,

+1 Really works too if Merc's can use the chargers as also.

Plus I like to see Solar City & Tesla Merge, maybe call it Tesla Solar. Then they could say to homeowners, "Buy a Tesla and you can get free solar panels on your roof, (to those homeowners that qualify and have the right specs), and lower your electric bill, and increase the value of your home. It's basically what Solar City already does, so nothing new.

Then Tesla adds Solar City display to their showrooms, which really leverages the production of the showrooms, which are in high traffic areas. (Solar panels available without car purchase).

Teslation | 12 mai 2013


+1 on Cramer. His show is good for learning about stocks, has some good general commentary, yet he's a terrible market timer, but entertaining.

Just to share for what it's worth, Big C's MHR rec, bought this year at six. Did some sells & buy backs on .25c moves. Then dollar cost averaged down to 3.75. Riding out the lawsuits now. Hoping NG keeps going up and the world economy rebounds energy use.

I wouldn't mind the 50% pullback in MHR, if I already had a 3 bagger. Almost even now, but dreams of a 4 bagger gone, maybe a 1 or two bagger, over time.

As a Cramer spec, MHR so far has been as low as a negative 1/2 bagger. So I would say to our new investors, it behooves you to have an investment strategy (dollar cost averaging), or exit strategy (stops),in case your stock goes down.

As for using Cramer as an endorsement, see this video link right at 0:50 sec's where Elon is interviewed by CNBC on the day of Tesla's IPO.

Phil, the interviewer quotes Cramer's no buy call to Elon who mocks Cramer's expertise, citing his Bear Sterns rec. and he laughs and calls Cramer a contra-indicator. That's why you'll probably never see Elon on Cramer's show, even though management probably wants Elon to be on. And Cramer's TSC website now has a buy rating.

Suffice to say Mr C doesn't like eating a lot of crow on his long held initial Tesla stance, and is washing it down with sour grapes, which in my mind, I hear in little bits & pieces every time he talks about Tesla now, which he can no longer avoid. I'm sure he would love for it to go back down, but too bad. He should be glad for Tesla.

So that's why I used Cramer, he was a diehard skeptic, and still is a reluctant convert. Still a lot of work for Tesla to do.