Correct Model S Rim Weights And Sizes

Correct Model S Rim Weights And Sizes

I'm considering 21 wheels but would like to know what the width and weight is on all four? I was told a few different sizes and searched gave me mixed results.

So far I was told that the 21 are 8.5 - 10 in wide. Had one site tell me that it was 9 in front and 10 in rear. Tesla store manager first told me they are 10 then he said 9.5, then he said 9. I still disagreed and then he said 8.5 all around after I sent a picture of a from rim that I was sent from someone. I then asked if there was wider ones for the performance model. He said no. Someone else then told me the performance model has 8.5 and 9.0 and then another one told me 9.0 and 9.5. Was told that the performance model has staggered sizes and the non performance has all the same widths on all fours.

The person that sent the picture said the rear rim didn't say anything but that the tires are bigger on the back. Thinks it may have been a half inch wider but not sure.

All I want to know is the widths and weights of the 19's and 21's in non and performance models.

The 19's I was told are 19x8 all around. No matter performance model or not. Is this also correct? I was also told on the performance they jump to 19x8.5.

Can someone please give me some correct answers or refer me to someone technical support who may know because I still have not received any correct answers from Tesla.

Thank you for all your help!

DR R | 29 mars 2013

my new model s performance/85....has michelin pilot sport tires all around...245/35 zr 21 can't see/tell rim data for obvious reasons....

MSNGIRL | 30 mars 2013

I guess that would possibly tell me that it has the same width all around. I'm still looking for definite answers. No one knows? I don't understand why Tesla can't give me this information. When I bought my BMW they listed rim widths in the specs when I ordered. I know wheel weight isnt something published but I would really like to know that as well.

P85_Norway | 30 mars 2013

245/35-21, 21-by-8.5-inch aluminum alloy wheels with a 40mm offset

Check this link:
From Edmunds:
This Model S is fitted with the proposed Sport package, which includes 21-inch Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 summer performance tires. The front tires are sized at 245/35ZR21 (96Y) and the rear are 265/35ZR21 (101Y).

The front wheels on the Sport package (and all four on the 21-inch summer tire package) are 21-by-8.5-inch aluminum alloy wheels with a 40mm offset. The Sport package wheels are 21-by-9.0 inches, but they were prototype parts with no offset marked on them.

But 21-inch wheels and tires are also available without the Sport package, and in that case all four tires are Continental Extreme Contact summer performance tires sized at 245/35ZR21 like this one.

MSNGIRL | 30 mars 2013

Thanks! I did come across that article. That confused me as well because of the staggered sizes. Is there even a sport package? Is that something Tesla was going to offer but then dumped? Or was it only offered on signature models? Or just prototypes? I emailed some other people at Tesla but still no one has an answer for me. I don't think it would be hard to put a rim on a scale or get the info from the manufacturer.

Brian H | 30 mars 2013

Elon initiated it after being told the McLaren handled better than the P85, and he wanted a handling package to match it. TBA if it will be an option.