Damage to fron hood/fender. Suggestions for repairs

Damage to fron hood/fender. Suggestions for repairs

We were stopped 3 traffic lanes from a hotel construction site when we heard something hit the front of the car. Did not find what it was but it left these scratches, marks and paint chip. Car is only 18 days and 500 miles new. I have been in contact with my local shop who did repairs to my Porsche. He will see it next week, ARRGGGHHHHHHH!!! Not sure if it is best to repaint all or how to fix to make it as good as possible and not decrease the value. Have called the construction company to put them on alert to the damage.

mrspaghetti | 12 avril 2013

Ouch, that sucks. But I bet your shop will make it good as new if they were able to do it for the Porsche. All in all it looks pretty minor to me.

dborn | 12 avril 2013

If there is a paint chip, then the entire panel should ideally be resprayed. If there is only a dent, they can often be pushed out and the scuffed paint may possibly be buffed out. If it goes through the clear coat, I would hold out for a full panel respray. Partial panel resprays are not a good idea from a paint match up point of view, but very minor differences disappear when the entire panel is resprayed. I know it seems like overkill, but in a new and expensive car......

jat | 12 avril 2013

I haven't tried it on the Model S and I don't know if it would work, but that looks like the sort of thing that would easily buff out of a protective coat -- I had far worse that came out where you couldn't see it even if you knew where to look after using the Toyota paint sealant cleaner and a little elbow grease.

pencil2man | 12 avril 2013

The top right mark is a deep paint chip.

bbmertz | 13 avril 2013

I suggest asking your local Tesla service center for a body shop recommendation. I know that the LA service center has a high-end shop that they use for nearly all of their body/paint work.

pencil2man | 13 avril 2013

The closest shop is Atlanta, just opened a short while ago and is 250 miles away.

David M. | 13 avril 2013

There is a place in San Diego called BumperDoc. I had some nasty scratches/dents on my Lexus Roadster, and these guys took care of that for about $350. It also included a full detail (inside and out). The 9 year old car looked like brand new. I wound up selling it for top dollar before I bought the Model S.

Lastrock625 | 13 avril 2013

this is why i have the armor! sorry to hear about this

pencil2man | 13 avril 2013

Would the protective polimer coating have prevented this damage to the paint and itself been unmarked?

mcveyemd | 14 avril 2013

Once you get it fixed, put Xpel Ultimate on at least the full hood and fenders. I did the whole car.

dentrepair | 19 avril 2013

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