Day 1: charging question

Day 1: charging question

First charged on new 240/50amp circuit on its own Meyer (PGE e9B) plan, he car charged at 40 amps got an hr.

Second charge at nite , refuses to charge at any higher that 16 amps. Have stopped and started charging (from the app) 2 times but only goes up to 16amps.
What gives?

hfcolvin | 31 mars 2013

At beginning and end of charging current is lower. The current also slows down when the battery pack is near topped off for standard or range charge.

TeslaTech | 31 mars 2013

The charge plug is probably not fully seated in the car's charge port. Try pushing it in further, or remove and reseat it.

bsimoes | 31 mars 2013

Yes, I found that I wasn't pushing the plug in far enough; it really does take quite a bit of force. It clicked and was flashing green, but then on the steering wheel display, I was getting a message saying that something was wrong. I called Tesla--holy actual person answered the phone after two rings; I wasn't put on hold, and he could walk me through how to reset the screen on the spot.
I then unplugged to take a little drive,(of course!)and when I got back and plugged in, the same thing happened. Even though it clicked in and the lights were flashing green, I was getting the message on the dash. Instead of rebooting both screens again, I got out and shoved a little harder, and in fact, the plug did go in farther, and the warning on the dash went away.

mthanos | 31 mars 2013


That's great feedback for those of us who haven't received the car yet. Thanks for the post!

bsimoes | 31 mars 2013

@mtanos: thanks; now that I have the car, all my qualms have been put to rest. The delivery was very smooth. Andrew Clark was my DS, and I think he said that I was his fourth delivery that day. Three were in the Boston area, after which he drove to my house in Middlebury, Vt. The window was to be between 4-5 PM--closer to 5PM he thought. 5PM on the dot! He spent a few hours with me, which means that he had to then drive back to Boston that night. He left my house around 7:30. He had a 5AM delivery the next morning. You would never know it. He was energetic and thorough, and really wanted to take his time so that I knew about the car. I really have felt supported. I had been anxious about delivery, but Tesla seems to have fully rebounded on that front. I can handle a few glitches as long as I feel that I can call someone and be walked through what to do. So far, so good. As everyone has said, the car is a blast.
I still don't have my 14/50 live, so I'm using a 110 plug out of the barn. There is a Chargepoint in town, and I have a lot of grading to do (I'm a teacher) so I'm thinking about going into town and charging--I'll grade in the car. I can have music, and heated, lumbar supported seats...heck, I even have cupholders!
When Andy was here, we drove out to the level 2 charger in town. He strongly suggested that I sign up for Chargepoint. I did that last night. Apparently, you will get one or two cards. You can sign up for the $25 deal, which just reserves any cost you might accrue using a Chargepoint that has a fee. You can sign up for only free ones, but if I'm traveling, I don't want to have to figure that out on the fly. Anyway, I will be then sent two cards in about 5-10 days, according to the website. These you swipe at the charge station to release the cable. There is also a number to call, so now that I'm registered, I should be able to use it. You need to have a username and password. The password requires two numbers. It would be a good thing to take care of before getting your car so that you will have the cards in hand. I had, of course, heard of Chargepoint, but I wasn't clear that it required anything more than pulling up to the charger and plugging in. I hope this helps. You will love the car!

HzSoGood | 31 mars 2013

@bsimoes @TeslaTech: Thank you, yes the plug needs to be ALL the way in. Fixed it.

Its bad that it will lock even when it is not all the way in. It is also not good that the car doesnt give you an audible beep when its not all the way in. The App should convey the warning message that was only on the dash.

JHG101 | 31 mars 2013

Brought home my Model S85 3/29 and plugged it into 110V (no 220v/50a yet). Got it up to 242mi and the charger turned off. Green light at receptacle was constant green (no flow indicator) and no flashing indicator at charge point. Dash showed 12 amps at port, but zero volts present. I've plugged in and reset 4x now but now change. When I picked up the car it only had a 176mi charge on it so no way to confirm if it was topped off at any point. Will call Tesla on this one.

andykeller | 31 mars 2013

@JHG101 242mi is a full standard charge in rated miles. Constant green means charge is complete. It should have said charge complete on the dash.

JHG101 | 31 mars 2013

Thank you Andy. Re-checked and it did say - charge complete - on the dash readout. Also now realize "standard" vs. "maximum" setting choices on the charge screen, pros and cons there.