Day 3: 3 minor issues

Day 3: 3 minor issues

1) TPM system warning on first use in morn at freeway speeds (65 degrees outside). Then again at lunch at freeway speeds. Had read about this on forum so will ignore it till scheduled visit to Menlo center. Visual check on tires looks like they are fine.

2) Driver door popped open 15 seconds after manually closing it. V4.2. Had not tried to lock or unlock the car. Was showing it to my buddy.

3) unlocked car using the phone app. Plugged in charger. Fairly loud hum from car. Mix of low and a high pitch low volume tone. Stopped charging thou app. Hum continued but dropped in volume. Restarted charging. Still a hum but not as loud as before??? Thoughts ?

Vawlkus | 2 avril 2013

Check your tire pressure, there have been some overinflated, and that can cause TPMS errors occasionally.

Door is a known issue. Give service a call and see if they can reboot the door controller.

Might be a high power use hum. Hard to say, but it might be an idea to get someone with house electrical knowledge to listen in. Check your cords and charger plugs for heat while in use. If you're getting heat build up that's a serious issue.

HzSoGood | 2 avril 2013

@Vawlkus Thanks. Will do.

Brian H | 2 avril 2013

Check tire pressure cold, after parking for some time. That's what the standard is.