DB glitch again

DB glitch again

Nov 27, 10:49 pm PST:
Every post since Nov. 4, 2011 has vanished.

sanjosedriver | 27 novembre 2012

Thanks Brian, I was wondering why one of my posts was deleted =)

Brian H | 28 novembre 2012

Restored soon after.

pilotSteve | 28 novembre 2012

I truly hope these minor glitches are due to a MASSIVE OVERHAUL of the web site being integrated with a customer information system so the order process with status updates is tied to their enterprise MRP system. imo that is where Tesla needs to get ASAP to keep orders growing and customers happy.

Vall | 28 novembre 2012

Yeah, what's up with that? I notice there is a section called "inventory" on my profile page, not that i have ordered a tesla, i just have one configured, sitting there due to a case of "serious cash deficiency syndrome" But perhaps this inventory page will allow tracking the progress of orders? Or maybe it was always there and I just hadn't noticed it.

BYT | 28 novembre 2012
nickjhowe | 28 novembre 2012

@BYT - down for me

BYT | 28 novembre 2012

Darn, and I had just created a new account yesterday to get going back on there after all the glitches here... oh well! LOL

STxTesla | 28 novembre 2012

Yes, I agree that it would be great to have an online notification system so that reservation holders can get up to the minute details of the progress of their car build, finalization and delivery. Something in the nature of Fed-Ex or UPS online tracking for the Tesla buyer. This would be phenomenal!

Brian H | 28 novembre 2012

TMC back up, 5:40 PST.