Delayed charge times after software update?

Delayed charge times after software update?

Our Model S update happened a couple days ago. I've been wanting to set the charge time but didn't see that in this update. Am I missing it or did that feature not make it into the latest update?

Our electric rate is $0.03 after midnight, so I'm motivated to take advantage of the cheaper juice but don't want to stay up late to plug in the charger!

Timo | 6 octobre 2012

I wonder if you could switch the accelerator from torque adjustment to speed adjustment for very low "parking" speeds. That would make parking in steep hills a lot easier: car goes exactly the speed you want it to go regardless of hill inclination. Something you plain could not have in ICE car. Some sort of "parking mode".

venkatrangan59 | 12 avril 2013

The CREEP feature is important. I drove my tesla from the factory, and had not realized that the CREEP was OFF. Right outside at a stop light (within 5 minutes from the factory), the incline was ever so slight, but with the quiet interior and other adjacent traffic, the vehicle rolled backwards into the car behind me. It was less than 2mph, and the car behind also had a distracted driver, so it is a MUST for people who are used to vehicles that creep forward when in Drive and stopped at a stop light.

FFox | 12 avril 2013


Is your Tesla Okay??? I agree about the creep on. I picked up my Tesla at the factory also and while we were reviewing the car I verified that the creep feature was on and it wasn't. I know me it was a must for me.

nickjhowe | 12 avril 2013

Seems this thread is way off topic, but what the heck. After three months I just turned creep off. At the moment I'm liking no creep. Let's me do even more 1 foot driving than before. Makes it a bit more difficult to get into my garage - used to use the brake to hold against creep to nudge into the right spot - but other than that I like it.

nickjhowe | 12 avril 2013

...even more one pedal driving...