Delivery Fail?

Delivery Fail?

I ordered the performance option. I paid for the performance option. The car came without the rear spoiler. There are no fog lights. It had the standard 19 tires but at least they flagged that at the delivery center. It does not appear I have the xenon lights although I am not sure. As I cannot compare the acceleration to see if I actually got the performance option. Does anyone know how I can check this?

Captain_Zap | 8 janvier 2013

I have a performance. I didn't order a for it spoiler though. I know that they had a shortage of cf spoilers a month ago and they were putting the spoilers on a due list for later installation. You might call service or ownership to track that down.

The fog lights and xenon are a part of the tech package. If you ordered the tech package then I would definitely call service or ownership to follow up.

If your car is a performance version there will be a "P" in your VIN number. It would be the 8th letter/digit, I believe.

h8young | 8 janvier 2013

Did you check your VIN number to make sure it was the right car that was delivered?