Disingenuous Launch of Model X

Disingenuous Launch of Model X

After all this time, it boggles the mind that not a single real production model is being released today. Signature holder #1 is quoted in the Wall Street Journal this morning as not knowing when he will get his car. You basically have some refined mules being delivered to board members. This car is NOT ready for mass production, otherwise some reservation holders would be receiving their cars today. Like everyone else, I'm incredibly excited about learning more about this new model but everyone's timeline on ramp up of production will prove to be way off. This begs the question if they are not ready to produce ANY today, when will they? I would bet that it will take until January 1 to get all Signature reservations filled, with the first 1000 regular reservations filled in January. It's going to be a long(er) wait for most of us, in my opinion.Anyone that thinks this production line is going to start spitting out cars starting NOW, is deluding themselves.

vperl | 29 septembre 2015

Are You a stooge for the opposition, a trouble maker or just a child in your mommies basement?

vandacca | 29 septembre 2015

Everybody in this forum already knows that. You must be new here.

carlk | 29 septembre 2015

Why do you care? Are you a long or short?

TonyInNH | 29 septembre 2015

It's been known since the last earnings call that Tesla is having trouble with some of their vendors so that ramp up will be slower than expected with full ramp up expected at the beginning of 2016.

Ankit Mishra | 29 septembre 2015

Hmmm, people are really electrified today. Complainers/discontent/naysayers (no offence intended) should take the day off today or be prepared to run for cover after complaining. | 29 septembre 2015

Party pooper...

bobby | 29 septembre 2015

I don't understand the point of your post. After waiting for 3 years, what the heck do I care if the true production is delayed three more months? I can certainly understand frustration (I personally have waited for 3 years), but let's have a little perspective here.

aesculus | 29 septembre 2015

Actually today is the day we find out what parts are real and what parts still need work so we can assess if it's January, May or next Fall.

Lets just enjoy the party today and then we can start up tomorrow with fresh issues and insights.

NumberOne | 29 septembre 2015

Actually it is not a mule. The first cars may be partially hand built, but they. They are produced in a factory by factory technicians using very advanced robots. Saying that this car is not ready for mass production is a little misinformed and premature. We will know more by the end of October, and statements such as this will be more appropriate at that time.

Brian Vicars | 29 septembre 2015

I am sure the majority of us are prepared to wait however long it takes to get it right. I do not cherish the thought of getting out of the driver's seat to manually push the bottom section of a falcon door so that it will close properly and turn of the "door ajar" warning. If it takes Elon another month to fix just that one problem, then so be it. He has always said that he is not prepared to deliver a vehicle to customers that is not ready. Enjoy this evening as we are sure to have more information then.

Captain_Zap | 29 septembre 2015

This is the same as the Model S First Deliveries ceremony. Founder's Edition cars will be delivered. No surprises.

vperl | 29 septembre 2015

Where is the rope, all malcontents must suffer for their blasphemy.

Here,Scottie, here Scottie.. Over here.....

JAD | 29 septembre 2015

Really, I was expecting to go to my local Tesla dealer tonight to see the X in all the color choices and options so I could choose which one to drive home tonight of the hundred or so on the lot???

ken | 29 septembre 2015

Now, now gentlemen, be nice to @Scotttilson! Let's remember it is a day to celebrate.

jordanrichard | 29 septembre 2015

Isn't something being built considered "in production" versus being a concept? Just exactly how many cars need to be "produced" before you consider it in production.

Boukman | 29 septembre 2015

I understand the frustration... but I think Tesla has taken so long to make sure that the MX IS a great car and that production would have no glitches. Also keep in mind that they had to make sure the battery was adequate to give the car a decent mileage, so the 90Kh battery was created (don't be surprised if a variant of the MX comes out with a 110Kwh battery). I think it's better to have a car launch delayed than to have a recall...Hang in there, it's almost over...

vandacca | 29 septembre 2015

Okay, I'll admit that the first cars require a lot of hand-building at this point, so it won't be built in a similar way to vehicles rolling off the line next year. But this was expected and there will be a slow process (but faster than Model-S) of transferring more and more duties to the robots.

However, Tesla is constantly making adjustments/improvements to their cars and production lines, so a car that comes off the line in 2016 will be built differently than a car coming off in 2017. All this makes no difference, it's the quality of the final product that's relevant.

ernie | 29 septembre 2015

@scotttilson AKA Mr. Negativity. For gosh sakes let it rest. I am currently rushing a product to market. Just today before the first buyer showed up...discovered two flaws. That is why you test, test ad nauseum. That is what Tesla has done. So it takes us each an extra month or two...maybe three. It is a car, not your least having it will NOT define me.

hillesq | 29 septembre 2015

Someone needs a hanky

ernie | 29 septembre 2015

Hanky's are so 1950!!! Now, paper towels, facial tissue work just fine. Dried snot is beyond gross. -)) Maybe the nose drip and tear ducts will dry up by tomorrow.

paradis | 29 septembre 2015

I don't mind the wait to get it right. However, my second lease, since I ordered, is about to expire and some guidance would be very helpful so I know whether to just do without the second car for a month, extend the lease (for how long???) or look for another short term Swapalease (again, for how long??). A little info would go a long way to allow proper planning.

rossRallen | 29 septembre 2015

We'll all know more real soon. Off to Fremont in 75 minutes.

With SigX reservation holders up to 700+ invited to configure, and my order confirms on October 1, I expect delivery early November. Otherwise, Tesla would have probably not have opened the Design Studio. They waited for months after "July" to open it when they were ready.

Tesla is ready for ramp-up on the X. If there's anything different, we'll know tonight.

I'm not prepared for bad news. If there is bad news, then I'll have to use the Air Hanky.

aljjr2 | 29 septembre 2015

Tesla has called on the First 1000+ Signature holders to configure and commit. Sounds more like they are building or prepping for the first build.

nelsonc | 29 septembre 2015

My friends on the inside at say these are the real deal. They have been to the plant and have had training on the production model X.

It's showtime kids. The X is real today.

Two down and model iii to go!

David N | 29 septembre 2015

I would guess that these first production cars , because they are special, different in some way, will all be run in batches. Checked and double checked. Signature holders should feel good that by the time the Signatures start rolling off the line Tesla will have the assembly and precision down pat.
Patience is a virtue.

Captain_Zap | 29 septembre 2015

For weeks, Elon test drove every single car after the Model S launch. Sigs had some high odometer readings. I have a hunch that Elon won't be able to do that this time.

Juggernaut | 29 septembre 2015

Am only an enthusiast at this point. Model X page is now black on black with a Darth Vader looking nose. It's going to be as bad assed as SUV's can possibly be. That's my take. As a Jedi will patiently wait while those with expectations too high to complete for themselves gripe about it....

ageorge97 | 29 septembre 2015

scotttilson clearly a disgruntled Fisker owner. Sorry about that.

rdalcanto | 30 septembre 2015

I kind of agree with the OP. To say that deliveries will start in Q3, and then deliver 4 cars to Founders is kind of a joke. But, I'm sure that Tesla would have liked nothing more than to have delivered 100s of cars this month. The fact that it did not means it just couldn't be done. Hopefully the issues holding it up will be resolved quickly so that we can get our cars "soon."

jdb | 30 septembre 2015

In 2012 the first MS Founders cars were delivered end of June, my Signature MS with reservation number somewhere in 600's was delivered in December. So what? I didn't mind the wait, glad they took time to produce world class vehicle, no problem now waiting whatever time it takes them to make my MX production vehicle, coincidentally with reservation also somewhere in 600's. Cheers.

Red Sage ca us | 30 septembre 2015
Brian Vicars | 1 octobre 2015

If it's worth having, it's worth waiting for.

Ankit Mishra | 1 octobre 2015

I think we are going to see the 1st signatures being delivered very soon (October estimate- 250 cars)

rdalcanto | 9 octobre 2015

Sig owner #2 on TMC still hasn't gone into production. She is thinking November delivery? So they deliver 6 cars in September, and then don't even build any for weeks? I guess we will finally get more information in the Q3 earnings report next month. Like many people here, these continued delays are reeking havoc on our car situation, with an SUV traded last year thinking the X was coming, and now a lease that has already expired and extended 6 months, expiring again in January. AAarrgghhh!

Ankit Mishra | 9 octobre 2015

Nope, I think her delivery would be happening in October. But hey, don't trust me.

Farmer Dave | 9 octobre 2015

Talking with my DS on the phone today, he said some Signature models have been delivered. I asked if he meant Founders and he said no.

So who got theirs and isn't telling?

Pungoteague_Dave | 10 octobre 2015

@paradis "I don't mind the wait to get it right."

But its it possible to ever get the falcon wing doors right? Or is 13-17 seconds to open your door acceptable? Too much articulation, too many contact points. Even Elon's personal Passenger side falcon door is already out of whack. The X is a rolling disaster - decontented minivan, with fewer features. Elon called it a SUV a bunch of times during the intro. Right.

Captain_Zap | 10 octobre 2015

@Farmer Dave

Those that agreed to sign an NDA?

rdalcanto | 10 octobre 2015

Why would a Signature buyer have to sign a NDA? As usual, the DS doesn't know anything. No Sigs have been delivered. There isn't even a delivery date for the first ones. The bogus launch is part of the reason TSLA has gotten killed this week. If they had started by delivering at least 100 cars per week from the launch event, the stock would be up. Hopefully they will get what ever supply problem they are having sorted out soon....

rdalcanto | 10 octobre 2015

@PD - I don't know what has come over you the last week. Stop with the FUD that the doors take 13-17 seconds to open. Look at the reveal video when Elon open's the doors. 5 seconds. There may be times when the space is very tight and the doors have to open more slowly, but that is going to be rare. I was a FD (falcon door) skeptic early on, but I'm excited for them now.

DTsea | 10 octobre 2015

PD hasnt changed. | 10 octobre 2015

P_D: your watch needs a new battery :-))

Red Sage ca us | 10 octobre 2015

Most people would prefer their children open car doors more slowly and carefully in crowded parking lots.

rdalcanto | 10 octobre 2015

And my kids are so slow to unbuckle and get out of the car. Drives me crazy. I literally pull in, place it in park, undo my belt, open the door, get out, close the door, and they are still in there buckled (age 12 and up). 5 seconds for the door to open is nothing.

Red Sage ca us | 12 octobre 2015

Opening or closing, there is a single beep to warn of the Falcon Wing Doors beginning to move. If they were designed to operate faster, as quickly as it is possible to open and slam shut a coupé door, then you would probably need a continuous stream of multiple incessant beeps instead.

aesculus | 12 octobre 2015

Or worse. Five seconds of warning beeps before the doors slam shut suddenly so you are not caught off guard. I'll take the current solution thank you.

Roamer@AZ USA | 12 octobre 2015

@PD, I would be shocked if every system on "Elons Personal X", was not destroyed during the human ant hill reveal. I kinda of laughed that he could have any car Tesla makes whenever he wants so why not put one on the stage and let it be literally destroyed. Surprised people were not removing parts as reveal event mementos.

I was impressed at how smooth the doors opened and closed. They had cars running all night on the demo circuit with doors opening every few minutes, unloading then driving to load with the doors up. Loading the next group and roaring off. It was impressive to watch the speed of load and unloads with all that entry space and no doors in the way.

I think once people get used to not walking around open doors they will wonder why we ever made cars with doors in the way.

aesculus | 13 octobre 2015

@Roamer@AZ USA

Surprised people were not removing parts as reveal event mementos.

Seriously. I thought the same thing. And some people were quite a bit pushy, rude and downright awful. Some of this reinforced stereotypes we won't discuss.

Red Sage ca us | 13 octobre 2015

Parts removal is a standard issue practice at the Los Angeles and Long Beach Auto Shows. Before the end of the first day major knobs, switches, and levers have been removed -- forcibly -- from many cars on display. Yet another really good reason for the Model S and Model X having a large touchscreen.