Don't sell your shares tomorrow!

Don't sell your shares tomorrow!

Make the shorts pay for playing the game with Tesla. The price will go through the roof and they will have to pay!
It will be one to remember. Truly epic.

Hold strong!

cgiGuy | 9 mai 2013

$74.65! Up 33.8% in one day. Way to go TSLA!

kilimats | 9 mai 2013

sold at $74 sorry, doubt it will go that much higher

Brian H | 9 mai 2013

Day's Range: 63.69 - 74.65
Currently below $72. Disaster‼ ☺ ;)

fluxemag | 9 mai 2013

I sold half at 74.75, a smidge higher than 100% profit. The rest is "forever".

fluxemag | 9 mai 2013

Also, I hate the term "house money". It's my money. I treat the half that is profit just as seriously as I treated the original capital. I still think it goes higher, but I'd like to reduce my stress level for a bit.

ak-tually55 | 10 mai 2013

More of us hold onto our long TSLA positions, harder it is for short sellers to buy back the stock - another 16% up today as of this morning. I would not be surprised if sizeable gains continue into next week, and I am not planning to sell as a sign of solidarity to the company and Elon who is trying to change the world for the better.

Mel. | 10 mai 2013

Ak +1

kilimats | 10 mai 2013


The money traded on TSLA doesnt affect Tesla at all, holding won't help them in any ways imo

I sold at 74, rebought at 76 and sold at 78 again, and rerebought at 76, waiting for Monday to see whats up ^^

Mel. | 10 mai 2013

Killmats, where did you get this notion ?

kilimats | 10 mai 2013

^ I think i still have a lot to learn, spoke too fast there, touche !

Brian H | 10 mai 2013

If TM needs to do another round of capital raising, the higher price will come into play. Not until then.

bradslee | 11 mai 2013


You said "I sold at 74, rebought at 76 and sold at 78 again, and rerebought at 76".

In your case, you are much worse off than that one holds on TSLA shares. Assume that you buy and sell with the same number of TSLA shares, if you take into consideration of the time you had spent doing the day-trading, the broker commissions you paid and the short term gain tax that you owe, you are much worse off than that one has bought the same number of shares at the same price of TSLA as you did in the beginning but has held those shares.

laalan | 11 mai 2013

Picking up my P85 today. Paid for with the gains garnered over two years waiting for the car.

Hold onto the stock. Tesla is a game changer and will ultimately be the company others play catch up with. What we are witnessing is the early years of Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos.

nickjhowe | 11 mai 2013

@laalan - congrats. Welcome to the owners club.

Jamon | 5 juillet 2013

Today feels like a good time to bump this thread. Remember to hold strong and don't sell those shares. TSLA still has a lot of room to grow!!

carlk | 5 juillet 2013

Yes fry the shorts and in the mean time wait for TSLA to go to the moon.

wheatcraft | 6 juillet 2013

I bought 400 shares at 34/share - talk about a Tesla grin!! And I am holding on for the long haul.

AlMc | 6 juillet 2013

Still adding to my position. There will be a correction in our future but long term this company/stock/stockholders will do well.

JAFIC | 8 juillet 2013

I got in at $28. My friend then was telling me it was a "waste of money"

Carik, no moon. Elon wants Mars.

jonesxander | 8 juillet 2013

Nice Jafic! I'm in same boat as you, but I probably got on at the sea port right before yours ;)

Captain_Zap | 8 juillet 2013

I'm not selling until Tesla runs its first Superbowl ad. ;-)

NomoDinos | 8 juillet 2013

I am so late to the party it's not even funny, but I am officially in. Dumped half my blue chip holdings on a decent market run, now have 388 TSLA shares with some skin in the game for the long play. At least now it feels like I'm buying a product from a company I'm invested in :)

It kills me to think what this would have cost last year, but the upside is still so good. So, I may be in the caboose, but happy to ride the TSLA train with you all!

Jamon | 8 juillet 2013

@NoMo Congrats - and welcome to the club! Don't worry, we all got on at the caboose. Just hold it for the long term, and after a while you won't be able to tell the difference between 2012 and 2013 on the chart. Just like Microsoft between 1986 and 1987 :)

NomoDinos | 8 juillet 2013

@Jamon - thanks, hope it's not too bumpy of a ride back here!

Jamon | 8 juillet 2013

Oh, there will be bumps. And when they come, I'll be adding more shares into the caboose! Just keep your eye on the long term horizon - it's kind of like active air suspension for your nerves.

hfcolvin | 8 juillet 2013

I sold a portion of mine (100/250) at $100 thinking I would take a little profit and get back in on the pull back to about $75. I'm still waiting for the pullback and kicking myself every day....

carlk | 8 juillet 2013

@hfcolvin Can I borrow your crystal ball? Take profit is OK but trying to trade that way without the ability to predict future price is a pretty dumb move.

skymaster | 8 juillet 2013

I remember reading this post on May 8th.

So, what did I do? I sold out on May 9th. I still am kicking myself for that. I have bought and sold 3 times so far.

I think I will hold on a little longer this time!!!

Brian H | 8 juillet 2013

Sell when you need the money.

Jamon | 7 août 2013

Remember to keep a cool head after the earnings report today. I have no idea what to expect from the stock price, except for one thing: volatility!

If you're worried about big fluctuations in the short term, you should sell (and probably never should have bought in the first place).

If you believe in Tesla's long-term big-picture goals and believe they will execute on their strategy, there's no reason to sell when the price jumps sporadically. Hold on for the long term!

And most importantly (if you believe in Tesla for the long term and don't plan to sell) - take any big dips in the stock price as an opportunity to BUY more. When your fight-or-flight response is telling you to panic and sell, it's usually the best time to buy more shares.

Just my $0.02 - it's been working great for me so far - past performance is not an indication of future results :)

Tesla-David | 7 août 2013

I plan on holding on to my TSLA shares going LONG. I believe in this company and what it is doing, and have faith in the vision and stated objectives that Elon has articulated relative to EV's. I am not bothered by the volatility of the stock, and am confident that it will perform in the long term.

TommyBoy | 7 août 2013

Most financial news on TSLA in the past two days has been negative. The Volt price-dropping has been timed to coincide with Tesla's results as well to kill the EV hysteria right now.

TSLA will announce a loss this quarter but the number of vehicles sold will be more than anticipated. I'd look for an initial drop in the stock after hours today and early tomorrow morning and then a stabilization during the next week.

I think it drops $10 after hours and another $10 tomorrow morning and then the correction will begin.

I also don't know what the hell I'm talking about so take it with a grain of salt.

TommyBoy | 7 août 2013

LOL! Q2 Profit! Stock up $13!

jnb | 7 août 2013

Stock now up $18 after market close.

wcalvin | 7 août 2013

Seems to be settling at 150+.

Jamon | 7 août 2013

Settled now for the night. Hold on to your hats (and your shares) at the opening bell tomorrow morning!