Door handles

Door handles

Anybody notice the different looking door handles in the pictures of the black car (shown being driven) on the website? They appear to match the body color (not chrome), and look to be a bit thinner & oval (as opposed to trapezoidal). I like it! The front end has some subtle refinements as well. Makes me wonder if the pictures are of a production model!

Volker.Berlin | 30 mai 2012

I can see what you mean, and I wonder why I didn't notice it before! However, it doesn't mean anything IMO. Those pictures have been up there for a long time, the car displayed was an early Alpha or possibly even (partly) a Photoshop job.

uldry2000 | 30 mai 2012

I hope, that body colored door handles are an option. I'll take the chrome ones

Teoatawki | 30 mai 2012

The only photos I've seen with body color 'oval' handles are alphas.

The latest 'Inside Tesla 5.29.12' has a video about stamping parts, but at the 1:30 mark you can clearly see a closeup of a door panel with the trapezoidal hole.

Slindell | 30 mai 2012

I've ordered my Sig 353, and no-one asked me about door handle options.

I wish they did, I'd far prefer body color. I even more prefer non-retracting versions.

kelly | 30 mai 2012


I did noticed the trapezoidal holds in door panels in the video, but wondered if maybe that could be old footage. I couldn't remember how long the images of the black car driving had been up on the website. I was thinking these images were posted in the last month or two...and wondered if it was a sneak peak at the production car in action.
It seems odd to me that the Model S home page would feature an Alpha image so close to launch.

No doubt the marketing department is having fun with this! I guess we'll find out very soon!

Thumper | 31 mai 2012

I think it is highly unlikely they have two sets of dies stamping out door panels. I believe the oval handles were only on betas.

johnpreiner | 31 mai 2012

Since the door handles are flush with the body for aerodynamics and design, can anyone at Tesla answer if there is a safety mechanism in place to allow them to "pop out" in the event of a serious collision (ie- if the airbags inflate), to allow EMS workers to more easily extract unconscious passengers?

jerry3 | 31 mai 2012

That's been answered. There is. It appears to be linked to airbag deployment.

johnpreiner | 31 mai 2012

Thank you.