Door handles

Door handles

I am wondering if Tesla has any solution for HOT door handles.

I went to play golf at 9am and finished by 1:30pm. When I returned to my MS and tried to open my door, my fingers were fired because my MS was parked under the sun for the last 4 and half hours.

Anybody have this happened before?

To Tesla:
Any solution for this issue?


riceuguy | 20 mai 2013

I thought I read a while back that if you run the A/C from the app the backs of the handles get some residual air, so assuming you then unlock with the remote, app, or auto presenting handles, that may help. I am going from memory here though, so proceed with caution!

mcx-sea | 20 mai 2013

A glove
A towel
A rag
One of your sox
Your scorecard
A cup of clean water

cgiGuy | 21 mai 2013

It's a legitimate complaint. I used to live in AZ and was never afraid to touch the door handles. Wonder how the material is different than other manufacturers...

jbsiegelmd | 8 juin 2013

I agree that the observation is legit. I live in Texas and it's just starting to get warm here, and the door handle exposed to the sun gets extremely hot to the touch. I've not checked to see if cooling the car off for a while remotely helps this issue, but I'd like to be able to open the driver's side door without having to remember to do this and also without scorching my hand.

Is there any reason, since the door locks are electronic, that a "Door Open" button can't be added to the phone app? Just popping it open enough to slip a hand in to pull it open would be enough. You can already unlock it remotely, why not enable this as well?

Brian H | 8 juin 2013

TM should send a free oven mitt to every owner. With a logo. |;)

stevenmaifert | 9 juin 2013

If you don't have a glove, towel, rag, or sock, press and hold the door unlock button on the top of the fob until all the windows roll down. Reach in and open the door using the inside handle :)

bsimoes | 9 juin 2013

I wonder if the heat is because of how the handles retreat. If air could circulate around the metal, I don't think that the temperature would build up as it does.

Steinwand | 9 juin 2013

Not sure if it is only hot on the outside where the sun hits or also inside. I would think just outside. Having said that just use your key fob to unlock it and the handles will present. You can then grab them from the inside to open the door.

GeekEV | 10 juin 2013

It only takes something like a 1 second push to extend the handle and a 1 second pull to open the door. Just be quick and gentle with it! I don't know about you, but I barely register the heat in that short of a time.