I live in the mountainous region of southeast Ky. We have many roads that can be narrow and rough. My question is what is the durablity of any of the tesla models? I personally dont care about thepolitical aspect of the organization as i believe anyone shoukld have the option of making their lives better without govt intrusion. Ive studied the tesla inventions and have been interested in this research. I am not committing to purchasing one of these vehicles as yet. But it is in serious consideration for the near future. What is the average price range on all your models made.?

Timo | 12 mars 2014

Define "durability" in this context.

Prices you find in this website. Currently quite expensive, but more models are coming.

grega | 12 mars 2014

Mark, this is a discussion forum with lots of people who want to talk about Tesla for whatever reason, not the place to ask Tesla themselves a question, or for questions to Tesla about prices though naturally some people will answer what they can or point you to the website like Timo has done.

What are the tesla inventions and research you're talking about? Tesla Motors is certainly pushing several technologies forward but I'm not sure if that's what you mean.