Elon Finished What Henry Attempted

Elon Finished What Henry Attempted

The Autoliterate article inspired this thought:
Ford attempted to go the electric route, but the lead-acid batteries and charging infrastructure weren't up to it. So gasoline (a cheap waste product of kerosine refinery at the time) was his second choice. Now, LiIon batteries and a far more robust and ubiquitous grid have opened the door again. And Musk stepped through where Ford was blocked.

Back to the Future, indeed. What cars were always meant to be, what the "traditional" pioneer(s) hoped they could be.

mbarontseff | 9 décembre 2012

Interesting... I never knew that.

JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH | 9 décembre 2012

Another interesting piece of history. When Henry Ford decided to start mass producing automobiles he had to apply for the right to the Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers (ALAM). At the time the ALAM held the patent to the automobile. They turned down his application. Henry then had to pursue his right to build and sell cars in court. Eventually he won. It seems individuals with new ideas that challenge the status quo often run into the old guard that will do anything to prevent change.

discoducky | 9 décembre 2012

Very apropos!

Jolinar | 9 décembre 2012

heh, nice analogy John, didn't know that :-)

Brian H | 9 décembre 2012

What was the key winning argument in court?

JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH | 9 décembre 2012

It's actually a very interesting story that starts with, get this, The Electric Vehicle Company buy the patent from the original inventor. They were having trouble sustaining the market due to battery capacity issue and bought the patent in attemp to make money by charging royalties. For the full story

TikiMan | 9 décembre 2012

The History Channel just had a series about 'The Men Who Built America', and one of the stories was about Henry Ford. He was able to takeover the automobile industry by producing an automobile via the first ever assemble-line process.Thus mass-producing the 'Model T', in bulk, made it affordable to average American family (note: at the time, the automobile was only affordable to the most wealthy, and were mostly hand-built).

Ford also came in at a time in US history when the federal government was cracking down on monopoly's.

tranhv68 | 9 décembre 2012

thanks JH for the interesting read.

Timo | 9 décembre 2012

So, nothing new under the Sun.

Vawlkus | 10 décembre 2012

It IS something to throw at the next uneducated troll though. I think I'm gonna enjoy this }B)