"Elon Musk" by Ashlee Vance: 140 character (almost) review

"Elon Musk" by Ashlee Vance: 140 character (almost) review

I am nearly done with the newly issued biography. My review is that while it contains a lot of interesting information, it needed at least one more editing to pull it together, and make it more coherent. It is written from too much of a fanboi voice; early in the book Vance calls SpaceX "Musk World," which is really unneeded, and is distracting. However, I will quote a few lines from late in the book when Vance is discussing the Model S, "Next time a car ad appears on your television, pause for a moment and listen to what is really being said. When you realize that the Volkswagen sign and drive 'event' is really code for, 'we're making this experience of buying a car slightly less miserable than usual,you'll realize how low the industry has sunk.'".

Brian H will have an orgasm at the opportunity to correct grammar in the book.

garyrsosa | 24 mai 2015

Bloomberg published an extended excerpt from the book, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I bought the Kindle version. It is a weighty and worthy tome, written by a technology journalist/writer, who details Musk's roots, eccentricities, failures and complexities, with alacrity and enthusiasm. Does that make him a fanboi?

I recommend the book as it brings depth and focus to a man whose vision of changing the world, terraforming Mars, and creating a sustainable (energy) future for humanity brought us Space X, Solar City, and Tesla Motors. As to the criticism that it is written from a fanboi perspective, the reference to Musk World can hardly be considered flattering, though I agree it is not needed. Give it a read. It makes some of our forum postings seem trivial (!)

Brian H | 24 mai 2015

An attack of the runs sounds more likely.

jjs | 24 mai 2015

TMI Brian, TMI

lesleymeister | 25 mai 2015

It was "Musk Land"

And I was very disappointed to see a typo on the very first page of the hardcover.

Not done yet, but finding it a great read. Vance spoke with a lot of sources and keeps it well balanced between them and Elon. I don't read an agenda.

renwo S alset | 26 mai 2015

I posted the following review on Amazon on Sunday.
"Non-stop read for me. First one of those in over 20 years. Need I say more..."

Madatgascar | 26 mai 2015

I was thinking the same thing while reading it: "This is a job for Brian H." It feels like there is a typo on every third page, and some are real groaners. EM deserves better. Seriously, Brian, can you take a pen to this thing and get some corrections back to them in time for a second printing? Future generations will appreciate it.

Unless of course Elon fails "like all the others who have proceeded him" (p. 108).

Baribrotzer | 26 mai 2015

Sounds like spell-check typos - you know, the kind where the mistake is an actual word, but not quite the right word. I guess that a lot of the time, nobody copy-edits books any more. Or maybe they don't have enough copy-editors on staff to do the job thoroughly, or the young rank-and-file copy-editors are aspiring something-elses who just don't know their onions.

mrdaniel | 26 mai 2015

Also, the look on Elon Musk's face when he receives the best car in the world (at the time) 0:38:

Tola | 1 novembre 2015

Just finished the unabrided audio version of the book by Ashlee Vance on Elon Musk while on a road trip in my Model S from Long Island to Virginia Tech. I guess having it read to me allowed me to miss a lot of the gramatical errors mentioned above. Listening to the story while driving the car with autopilot made the trip a breeze. What a way to travel. Really enjoyed the story.

brec | 1 novembre 2015

I vaguely knew that there was a car company called "Tesla" but I'd never heard of a "Model S" when I began listening to the audiobook while hiking last summer. When it got to the extended portion about Tesla and the description of the Model S, I was fascinated. I placed my order a few weeks later.