Elon, please make the falcon doors mandatory on Front / Back!

Elon, please make the falcon doors mandatory on Front / Back!

The falcon doors should be standard on the back AND FRONT.

I love the Falcon doors!

Surf Dog | 28 mai 2013

I would really like to see an option to not have the Falcon Doors.

I carry kayaks all the time and need to have a roof rack for them.

If the Model X is going to be an SUV, the U stands for Utility.

I need my Model X to be flexible.

Adding door options would not cost much at this stage.

Having options will increase sales. If anyone understands this, it is Tesla

NumberOne | 31 mai 2013

While the X is marketed as a utilitarian vehichle, I think it more likely refers to the utility of extra seating etc. Perhaps they will have another vehicle in the future that is intended for carrying kayaks and the like. The number of people buying the car for such a purpose would not make economic sense at this stage. They need to sell a lot of these cars to continue developing other models.

zhengst0905 | 1 juin 2013

Why can't people redesign the surf board to be foldable, rather than messing with car designs? | 3 juin 2013

Is is conceivable that the structure / frame for the skis / snowboard / custom luggage / surfboard will be unique for the Model X and it will reside on the top of one of the falcon doors?

If it were, perhaps one of the doors (containing the special frame) would be inoperable during the carry...

Regardless --- I see this as another opportunity for Tesla to exercise its design / engineering muscle.

The future is so bright. | 3 juin 2013

"Is is" X

"Is it" corrected