Elon Showed Up After Factory Tour on Wednesday 3/20/13

Elon Showed Up After Factory Tour on Wednesday 3/20/13

I took delivery of my car last weekend in Costa Mesa. I was originally scheduled to pick it up this Friday at the Factory and drive it back to Southern Cal but I couldn't wait any longer, as it was ready since early March. Anyway, I did the Factory Tour today at 3:00 PM and we were told by the Guide that Elon was going to show up at 5:30 for anyone that wanted to meet him. I hung out for 2 hours after the tour and he did show up. He's kind of quiet but was very personable. Took a couple of pictures with him and had him sign a cap and a mug. There were about 20 people there, most were taking delivery of their cars. One guy took out the visor of his car and had Elon sign it, others just took him out to their car and had him sign the interior. He was very accommodating to all, as he gladly took pictures and signed all kinds of stuff. The Tour was Great and meeting Elon was an added bonus!!!!!

JThompson | 21 mars 2013

I'm so jealous! | 21 mars 2013


akikiki | 21 mars 2013

Very cool. You are SO LUCKY !!! The guy that had him sign the visor was very clever. "A real Signature model".

Captain_Zap | 21 mars 2013

There was one Signature that had the sun visor autographed by Elon Musk when some of the Signatures were delayed. We were joking in the TMC forums about having a "real" Signature as a consolation prize while we were waiting for our delayed cars. We knew at that time that Elon was not happy with the sun visors and Elon was test driving most of the Signatures as they came off the line.

Apparently Tesla noticed what we said in the forums. It was a total surprise to one Signature owner that got an autographed sun visor. He flipped down the visor on a sunny day and saw Elon's autograph. The new owner snapped a photo of the autograph on his new Signature and posted it on TMC. Several of the other Signature owners that had been waiting sought out an Elon Musk autograph easter egg immediately upon receipt of their car. Some were quite thorough in their search. Alas, it appears that there was only one Signature that had a signature.

It sounds like the legend lives on!