Europe - Czech Republic

Europe - Czech Republic


is there any information about Tesla expanding in Europe? I am specifically interested in info about presence in Czech republic. Plans for expansion into European countries are something I deeply miss on the website...



Vawlkus | 16 août 2013

Norway is ground zero for Tesla in the EU. Look there

Jolinar | 16 août 2013

Hello from heart of Europe :D
First cars have been already delivered to Norway, others are on the way to whole Europe...
And yes, Czech Republic has few orders too.

Zdravim ze srdce Evropy :D
Prvni auta jiz byly doruceny do Norska a dalsi jsou na ceste pro celou Evropu...
A ano i v Ceske Republice je objednano nekolik kusu.

Timo | 17 août 2013

[nitpick] Norway is not member of EU.

Brian H | 18 août 2013

[nitpick nitpick] Norway is not a member of the EU.

Pungoteague_Dave | 18 août 2013

Having been to the Czech Republic for a few weeks last year, it is a great place, but very unlikely to justify investment in a Tesla Service Center or showroom. The average household disposable income is $16,957 USD per year, less than the OECD average of $23,047 USD per year, and far below the US average. Further, there are proportionately fewer people with wealth sufficient to spend $100K on a car.

Put another way, Mercedes has 11 locations in the Czech Republic vs. 30 in Norway and many, many more in other western EU countries. With only 10.5 million people (smaller than many U.S. states), a shrinking economy, and declining population, do not expect Czech Tesla fans to be able to purchase a car locally anytime soon.

jhora | 20 août 2013

Well, I do expect it will take time since this market is not as interesting as many EU countries, but I hoped at least for some rough estimate, when will we get our hands on Teslas without need to buy them in other countries...

Brian H | 20 août 2013

I thought borders didn't matter in EU-topia?

Carl Barlev | 6 octobre 2013

Hello Tesla-fans in the Czech Republic,

We have just driven our Model S from Norway down to Steina (near Dresden in Germany). We have been driving about 200 km per day, which is easier for the children and also gives us good time for sight-seeing. For accomodation we have been staying in Motels or B&B's and charging at 13 A has been no problem.

From here we plan to drive through the Czech Republic to visit some friends in Salzburg. We have a tentative route through Praha and Cesky Krumlov. I am looking at motels and B&B's again as per usual, but thought I should also check on here if somebody has other suggestions for where we might stay and charge the car?

If anybody on our route is interested to see the Model S, then we can try to coordinate that. I am also happy to give test-drives, but it will depend on the time and our battery SoC.

Our journey is not following any strict plan or route, so sorry for the late notice.

Carl Barlev | 7 octobre 2013
+47 483 58 523

Jolinar | 7 octobre 2013

@Carl Barlev
Hi, in Prague (Praha) you can charge your Model S very easily, there is a lot of 3x32A Mennekes charging stations so Twin Charger is very useful here. However rest of the country is quite poor on charging stations.
Here you can find charging stations and places with public wall socket:

Btw: In Czech republic, there is already several Model S owners includin at least 2 or 3 siganture owners.

data02 | 12 juillet 2014

Hallo, My name is Michal Nedorost. I want to work for Tesla Motors in the Czech republic. Please read my cv in
Thank you

data02 | 12 juillet 2014
Brian H | 14 juillet 2014

This is a fan and owners site, not an official portal.


420weblazeit | 14 juillet 2014

data02, there are NO Tesla showrooms in the Czech Republic, it is beyond the budget for most people, read the facts above. As a EU citizen, you can work in Europe at any other location and I'm sure Tesla could fly you out to them for an interview, there are also Job placements around the world in America and Japan. If you are interested, as Brian H said, look at the Careers section of the website

corne | 20 juillet 2014


What are the payment methods at the plublic charging points of

Thx in advance.

Jolinar | 22 juillet 2014


it differs charging station to charging station.
Usually you need RFID card (PRE card) or other "device" (Chip CEZ) to unlock the station.

So for international customers I'd recommend usage of free stations. At the map is written "placení: zdarma"

data02 | 23 octobre 2014

thank you for information. I founf HR managers on Linkedin too.

data02 | 23 octobre 2014

Tesla opens first job position for the Czech republic.
Tesla otevírá první volné pozice pro zaměstnance z Česka

kittykittybangb... | 24 octobre 2014

how to thread post tell me friends

data02 | 24 octobre 2014

I think 1st new position for Czech is for 4 new Tesla Supercharger bulding as was written and showed in supercharger map plan 2016.

flash.kaiv | 10 octobre 2015

video Tesla in Czech Republik
in youtube, name Second Test Tesla CZ

data02 | 15 octobre 2015

pro nové informace můžete navštívit :