Europe: Help for home Charge power requirement

Europe: Help for home Charge power requirement

I am looking to install a charger at home.

Now I am trying to figure out the specs but so far its not that clear to me.
Anybody is more informed yet about this topic?

From the website (
Is see two versions:
- Red plug: 400 Volt, 3 phase 16A (11kW)
- Blue plug: 230 Volt, 1 phase 32A ( 7.3kW)

However we also have the option of the Duo loader which requires 22kW
- Mistry plug: 400 Volt, 3 phases 32A (22kW)

I would assume we can use the red plug for this but how is the Tesla going to understand how much Ampere to pull from the line ?

For the wire, I found this calculation table:

So basically what it comes down if I would use 32A 400 Volt, I would need a 5x6mm2 cable.

This is what I collected so far, hope some other folks on the forum can add more to this.


merijn | 19 juillet 2013
RZippel | 20 juillet 2013

It is reasonably simple after a week of investigation.

You can charge with 11kW out of a CEE (red, 5pin, 3 phase, 16A) socket with the mobile connector (UMC) delivered as part of the car. This socket is cheap (<20€), the installation will require a breaker and an RCD.

If you want more than this you need 32A. Can be done with the same socket, 32A line breaker, 32A breaker, 40A 30mA RCD and 5x6mm cable and a device like the crOhmBox ( or without the socket directly hooking up a wall charger (wait for the one from Tesla or a third party like crOhm, Mennehes, Walther, KEBA, etc.). In any case you will need a Type2 32A cable because Tesla doesn't have or deliver one.

If you use the UMC the UMC will tell the MS the may current (based on the adapter attached). If you use a wall box it will be the wall box. The communication is standardized for Type2 charging.

The installation at home needs to be done by an electrician, easy to set something up that gets you or someone else killed. I will have 1 5pin red and three 3pin blue sockets installed on a three phase / 32A line and still decide on a mobile crOhmBox (for mobile 32A 3 phase=22kW chargin on any CEE outlet with that spec.) or a fixed Type2 wall charger (which can obviously also be connected to a plug to fit into a socket). The crOhmBox seems to be around 2000€, a wall charger from KEBA is half of that. Plus a Type2 32A cable (that can also be used for public Type2 outlets on the road).


tobi_ger | 20 juillet 2013

Thanks for your research and sharing it here!

Especially for German EV drivers this link seems to be quite helpful in addition (you surely know that already, I guess):

The crOhmBox is a bit pricy but most likely due to offering up to 43kW charging.

RZippel | 20 juillet 2013

Thanks, had not seen that overview. The EON solution seems to be cheap, but lacks a Type2 32A Cable. I tend to buy the crOhmBox because this is mobile and so I would have my company buy it as an accessory (the MS will be a company car). If I install it fixed in my Garage that will be hard to argue, not with my company but with the tax authorities in Germany (as you will know ;-)

tobi_ger | 20 juillet 2013

But it's only "mobile" if you take it to a location, which also has all the electric wiring already in place, right? Do you have such a scenario in mind or planned?
The MS as a company car... how sweet is that! :) Where do I apply? lol

RZippel | 20 juillet 2013

Not recruiting via this channel ;-)

Well I think there is really a lot of CEE32 sockets, so it might come in handy. The ADAC promised one for the safety training I always do with new cars to safely check the security systems and past limit handling. Most German homes have one. Somewhere...



tobi_ger | 21 juillet 2013

Robert: are you also on TMC website? I'm there under same username.

RZippel | 22 juillet 2013

Am now...

Jolinar | 22 juillet 2013

Does anybody know why Tesla does not offer UMC (universal mobile connector) capable of 22kW? Even Roadster had 16kW UMC. It seems like step backward :(

I can understand that they don't have Type 2 to Type 2 connector for public Type 2 chargers, but how can we charge from 22kW 'dumb' socket on the roadtrip? I think main point of TwinCharger is to accelerate charging on the road, not in my garage where I have whole night for it...

And, if somebody know, where can we buy 22kW capable UMC for european Model S?

RZippel | 22 juillet 2013

See above, not from Tesla, but from e.g. (google crOhmbox). They just don't plan to minimize a 22kW Type2 charger to fit into a cable attachment I guess. 640kB ought to be enough for everybody (Gates, 81)...

I would have liked a Type2 Proxy in the UMC so that a Type2 adapter for the UMC would have been possible but I can accept having to take the Type2 cable I will use at home with me...

tobi_ger | 22 juillet 2013

Robert: fyi, the next Tesle store opening in Germany will be in Hamburg (had a nice lady from Tesla on the phone wrt test drive today; no word on Duesseldorf yet).

tobi_ger | 22 juillet 2013

ouch... Tesla, not Tesle... sacrilege!

Jolinar | 22 juillet 2013

thx RZippel, but my firts question was why Tesla does not offer own 22kW UMC? At least as an option for Twin Charger.

Jolinar | 22 juillet 2013

it's so stupit to have to buy type2 to type2 connector and another 'dumb' 22kW cable... carrying 3 cables in the car is opposite of simple and elegant solution which one would expect from Tesla... And expensive solution too.

Wessel | 25 juillet 2013

Thank you for all your input.

I found two drafts from Tesla of the power cables that are useful IMHO:

I've also had contact with Tesla Netherlands and they could tell me that the Red cable is able to load the full 32A:

"De hoogste laadsnelheid bereikt u met een aansluiting van 32A / 400V, met een 5polige CEE rode aansluiting."

You need to set the charge power on the Tesla panel and make sure your wall outlet can handle this power:

Now for Dutch drivers, here comes the said news. A normal power network to a private home is 3x 25A 230V, it costs approximately €296 per year to have such a connection to the powergrid.
Increasing this to 3x40A will cost you an additional €900 approximate per year "Just to be connected to the grid" That is in-depended whenever you use this power or not.

So basically the powergrid providers are smelling money and squeezing out the private homes who try to drive electric and use fast charging.
Funny thing is adding an additional power point to the house costs you €300 a year for an additional 3x 25A..


RZippel | 26 juillet 2013

Please make sure that you really have a CEE16 socket that does 32 Amps. I doubt it and there a no adapters off the shelf. Because you are not supposed to plug a device drawing 32A into a CEE16 socket. Even if in theory the UMC would work with 32A, it will not fit into a CEE32 socket.