Factory Tour/Pick Up Car

Factory Tour/Pick Up Car

We are going to pick up our car in Freemont...If you picked up your car at the Factory, what did the tour consist of and how long did it take?

bt77057 | 7 mai 2013

Tour was about an hour or so. You do get to see individual parts of the cars waiting to be assembled as well as various stages of the car during assembly, so that was pretty cool. I found the entire time spent worth it.

At one point I realized that the longer I asked questions, the longer it would be before I got to see my I finally shut up.

The people were great also.

ir | 7 mai 2013

Highly recommend it, you get to see how your car came to be. The robots are really cool, just done stare at the arc welders. ;)

carlf9121 | 7 mai 2013

If you are schedule to pickup your car & take the factory tour on the weekday, the tour is 30~40 minutes consisting of taking a tram around the key sections of manufacturing like looking at the raw aluminum stock, heavy tonnage presses cutting / forming / stamping out the parts of the vehicle body & subframe, robotic assembly, paint shop, and final general assembly. You will be amazed how clean the factory is. I toured it before when it was NUMMI and it was very dark & dirty compared to what Tesla has done.

I took delivery of my car on a Sunday so the factory was idle (Telsa works 5 days per week, 2 shifts per day). My tour last more than an hour as we were able to leave the tram and "touch this, touch tnat" which can't be done when the factory is running.

You will be amazed on how the car is put together.

I run the operations for one of the major semiconductor companies that supplies solutions to Tesla and it's amazing how much technology is put into this vehicle. I feel great knowing my company played a key role in the success of this vehicle.

hnashif | 7 mai 2013

I took the tour on a Friday afternoon while the factory was running. The above is true, except there was no visit to the paint shop. You also get to see the robots, along with the humans, in action. I think it was worth it.

Chunky Jr. | 7 mai 2013

The factory is like nerd Disneyland. Just amazing. I was there on a weekend, and I can only imagine how cool it must be to see it in action. We walked around the factory for about 45 minutes and you could see cars in various state of assembly.

Chunky Jr. | 7 mai 2013

Note that you will have to sign an NDA before taking the tour and no photos are allowed.

vgrinshpun | 7 mai 2013


Could you clarify what is the source of information for factory operating 2 shifts, whether the second shift is partial (reduced staff) or full, and how old the information about two shift operation is?


carlf9121 | 8 mai 2013


The 5 days per week, 2 full-time shifts info was mentioned during the factory tour back on Mar 17. I recall the guide mentioned Tesla was trying to optimize overhead costs for Q1 to hit solid P & L #s. Air shipping tires from E. Europe was very costly & added to their high expenses.

FLsportscarenth... | 9 mai 2013

Makes sense to add a shift considering demand....

Brian H | 9 mai 2013

Elon wants to wait system debugging before "probing the depth of demand".

Brian H | 9 mai 2013


Daphne | 17 juin 2013

Is it possible for my friends to take a tour of the TESLA factory? They are planning a trip to California. I have already taken delivery of my new Performance S in Florida so I am supposing from everyone's post that you need to take delivery in California to get a tour.

ir | 18 juin 2013

No tour unless you are picking up a car, 4 per car. You can try to hook-up with somebody with spare spots. YMMV.

Vawlkus | 26 juin 2013

I'm hoping to do just that during the last week in August.

cgiGuy | 26 juin 2013

@Daphne - I (along with 3 guests) took the tour a month before my car was delivered to Texas. I'll admit they said "no" when I emailed through the customer service channels, but as soon as I asked my delivery specialist he said, "No problem."

If you've already taken delivery, I'd reach out to your DS again and talk to him/her. If they say no, ask someone else.

These tours help Tesla sell cars--through you.