Factory Tours

Factory Tours

Chance finds me close to Fremont over the next while. How do I go about getting a factory tour?

Model x #S211

Brian H | 13 janvier 2013

Call and beg?

philiparnason | 13 janvier 2013

I just did. No go. Although Tesla would like to offer that at some later time, factory tours are currently only available for folks that are picking up their car.

Brian H | 13 janvier 2013

Go at the scheduled time and beg attendees to include you as a guest. Stuff your pockets with pricey chocolate bars as bribes.

Sudre_ | 13 janvier 2013

$100 bill or chocolate, either might work.

shop | 18 janvier 2013

I take it the tours are "full" right now anyways? Ie for those that have been on a tour, are they well attended?

aptemr2 | 21 janvier 2013

Conducting factory tours is also a form of marketing. It'll be good for the company. I hope they will have regular schedule for that. =)

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dennisensminger | 20 novembre 2015

I would like to schedule a tour of the factory in freemont. What do I do make this happen.