Family Hauler

Family Hauler

I hope Tesla completes the charging stations in the middle of Florida in order to run up the middle of the state by mid 2015 or there are going to be a lot of people taking their deposits back.
While my comment seems personal, it is really a global thought process that I think is shared by many.
I am a Model S owner and I love my car. Aside from having to manually move the seat because you can't sit down if your wife is 5'3" and you can't get in the car to press the uber-sreen. It is a great car. Back to my point.
Who will buy the model X? Mostly families. Families with kids. Where are we going to go? Orlando. Before you get all huffy about sacrifice, I am more than willing to drive up the east coast and shoot across the state. But if your family is like mine, your wife and kids don't want to be "inconvenienced" in any way. After a 4 hour drive, if your kids start acting up in the car and you've taken your precious Tesla another 45 minutes out of the way to the charging stations, your wife is going to be super-pissed and you ain't getting any nookie any time soon. ( "I told you to take the van!")
So... I hope that Elon either gets us our Superchargers along the turnpike and route 75 or convinces the turnpike authority to put chargers at the rest-stops soon.
Otherwise, the new XC 90 plug-in is going to be our new family hauler.

primetime98 | 15 septembre 2014

Living here in Miami, I know what you mean. I took the trip up to Orlando recently, and it definitely crossed my mind as to how to make the trip next year in the X. I hope they are increasing superchargers as well.

vandacca | 15 septembre 2014
Brian H | 15 septembre 2014

Soon! By 2020.

triciawade18 | 16 septembre 2014

LOL Yosr!!! I completely understand your concerns- but it looks like Tesla is going in the right direction!
Living in Texas, we've not had a problem getting around in our S, even though there are only 5 superchargers in the entire state. This state is so damn big that anything more than 4 hours- we mostly will have to fly anyway. (electric car or not)

As for your complaints about the seat... I too am 5'3 and my hubby is 6'1. Very annoying, but I try to be nice and always put it to his setting when I get out... and I think it's paid off as he's getting me a model X (either that or he's tired of me trying to steal his car every morning!)

And for your 'nookie' time, -no need to worry-- seeing as now she will be the coolest looking mom driving around in the X, she'll be much happier!!! ( just tell her no more gas stations!) :)

side note: I wouldn't be caught dead driving around one of those 'vans'- yuck! | 17 septembre 2014

I am not a current owner, but is it reasonable to use non-Supercharger options that are along the way while the network is built up? A lot of hotels in that area appear to have chargers now, too.

I like the look of the new XC90 and the Tesla-esque screen, but looking at that powertrain it just seems like maintenance issues waiting to happen.

Teslaguy66 | 20 septembre 2014

Thanks everyone for responding. :)