Faraday Future - New York post article

Faraday Future - New York post article

Interesting article.

Wondering what your thoughts are.

Thank you


Tâm | 6 novembre 2015


Anti-EVs would love to portrait that each time another company wants to make an EV, that's your enemy that poses a threat to your survival.

I think the more companies produce EVs, the better.

I think new companies should focus on the charging problems.

I don't know about you, but I bought EV because I drive a lot.

When I had my Prius, I drove very little. I flew a lot instead.

Since I got my Model S, I quit flying and started driving like crazy.

Thus, accessible to faster re-charging technology of an EV is very important to me.

Don't let me start on the virtue of slower single charger as opposed to faster dual chargers!

David N | 6 novembre 2015

Tâm +1

To the masses, Its all about range, and access to quick charging.

aljjr2 | 6 novembre 2015

No design, no specifications, no product announcement and they have agreements with suppliers....

I'm building a house... no drawings, no land, no contractors.... They are delivering the materials tomorrow.

carlgo | 6 novembre 2015

Yup David N, its all about batteries and battery charging.

Red Sage ca us | 6 novembre 2015

The list of Tesla Motors direct competitors in the EV space is always growing... and shrinking, simultaneously. But apparently Detroit Electric only delivered their first car very recently... Rimac Automobili is more interested in modifying existing vehicles to convert them to electric drive... BYD seems to be tackling mass transit with electric buses for municipal use...

rlwrw | 9 novembre 2015

Local news has the Apex area of North Las Vegas still in the running for a Faraday factory.

carlk | 12 novembre 2015

Whether the company is real or not is another question but it's pretty stupid those articles always say Tesla competitor or taking on Tesla. No any new EV producer is taking on the ICE car industry.