Feature Request: make the 2rd and 3nd row removeable

Feature Request: make the 2rd and 3nd row removeable


i hope the 2rd and 3nd row will be removeable. Then you can put in a service case for example, for me this car should be a daily driver and i have to deliver server parts and cases with 48U Rack Enclosure (

For now i can transport it with my Toyota Avensis Station Wagon, but i must disassamble the doors.

If the case looks out at the end of the car, thats not the problem for 30-40km / 25miles.


NumberOne | 10 mars 2013

I believe there is another thread where making the seats removable was mentioned. The seats from both rows fold completely flat, so you should have no problem. Not sure about interior height with the seats flat, but it should be sufficient.

Brian H | 10 mars 2013

Duplicate post.

Biricon | 21 mars 2013

The point is, if i use it as company car, then i don't need the 2nd and 3rd row the most of time and if i drive only with my ski into the mountains, the rows don't needed. So nothing can damaged if the seates removed completed and the car is a little bit lighter, only if you know, you have to drive with more people, you can put in the seats again.