Financing through Tesla or other? Web site error!

Financing through Tesla or other? Web site error!

I applied and was approved for a lease, through the Tesla site, stating "0" as my mortgage payment and "Own Home" in the appropriate boxes.

I was told that I had to apply separately for financing, which is not good, in its own right, for financing on the Tesla site, but was not able to get the "0" for mortgage payment to be accepted. ).00 and None did not work either. Called delivery and sales and their supervisors, I was told, said I should put 1.00 in the box for mortgage payment. I suggested they use my lease application or fix the web site, which i was told are not possible, before the 31st, which is as long as they can hold the loaner car a put a deposit on.

So, anyone have other ideas?

I have been forwarded Alliant and two other third party finance companies, tonight, but with time short and no buyback plan, I am a bit concerned. Seems really incredible for a high tech company. I can't see fraudulently filing the application either, albeit an absurd reason and not a significant amount, but at face, having been a Bank board member, that SHOULD raise questions, regarding the applicant, where none should exist, at the very least.

TRhank you very much