Flooring it!!!!

Flooring it!!!!

I can't help myself and I "floor" it quite often to get that rush of adrenaline. One question, is it ok for the car? I don't want to do any damage to my baby.

carlk | 19 août 2013

Do you want to eat the cake or just to have it? I say do what you buy the car for. Besides Tesla did not say you can't floor it in the warranty statement.

Joshua Burstyn | 19 août 2013

Electric motors are pretty forgiving in terms of wear and tear. The battery will seemingly suffer more wear if your discharging characteristics are less constant and more pulse or high-load though:

(Take a look at the "Discharge Signature" section.)

Nevertheless tires are really the most immediate wearable parts worth considering as far as I've heard. :-)

diegoPasadena | 20 août 2013

As far as I can tell, the only thing that will take a beating are your tires. And they *will* for sure! The Model S does weigh a few pounds...

Spacey_Puppy | 20 août 2013

With Tesla's new Battery Swap program you wouldn't have to worry about the short- or medium-term damage to battery packs anyway. So, go for it!

shawns | 20 août 2013

I believe cars are meant to be driven and a car like this to have fun in. A of mine saved for a camaro zl1 that he really wanted. After he got it? Never drove it. Was too scared to put miles on it and lower the value etc. He has since sold it. For a loss of course. Wonder what his cost per mile was.

I say drive the heck out of it!! Have fun. I'm taking mine on an 1100 mile road trip today.... The first day I get the car. You can bet when I don't need the range I'll be flooring it a few times :)

SamO | 20 août 2013



Drive the car exactly how you want.

Mathew98 | 20 août 2013

I've been bolting mine from every stop light.

My commute is consisted of mostly stop and go traffic but it sure is fun with my silent red beauty...