Well, I got a fix it $114 ticket while parked in SF the other day. Today I followed the instructions to mount the plate on the front grill with J bolts on another thread (there is also a U Tube video on this) I am going to the local police station to have an officer sign off on the ticket and mail it in with the reduced $10 fine. I plan on removing the plate after that and do the same thing if and when I get the next fix it ticket. Has anyone else done this. How many times can you get away with this. Does DMV keep track or what happens? I'll appreciate it if anyone can shed light on this. Thank you.

rochec | 11 avril 2013

The service center can put a front plate holder on. Looks good.

carlk | 11 avril 2013

What if you just pay off the fine? Will they still be going after you for the inspection? $114 is not that much to pay for the convenience. I've been driving my Porsche without front plate for 6 years and never got ticketed for that, including once pulled over for speeding (got the speeding ticket of course)-- "knock-knock". Looks you're very unlucky.

amir | 11 avril 2013

I have not installed front plates for last 10 years on 2 cars but got 3 tickets in last 2 years. SF and Menlo Park seem focused on it. If you plan to be in SF a lot you will probably get more tickets.

nvjx | 11 avril 2013

It seems like they are "fix it" tickets so all I have to do is mount the plate on the grill temporarily every time I get a ticket and go show it to an officer and have him sign off on it. Then the ticket is reduced to $10.

rwang | 11 avril 2013

Just don't put the license plates on the car. Leave the DMV taped reg on the dash. No one will notice until you get pulled over for something. At that point, so long you have all our registration, and insurance, and fees up to date, then you just get a fix it ticket.

For the fix it ticket, loop two pieces of duct tape and stick it on the front. it looks just like you are mounted. remove after fixit ticket signed

mtom007 | 11 avril 2013

@nvjx : can you point me to the youtube video you were referring to? Also to the kit your purchased for the model-s. There are several videos on yt, so I'm not sure which one would work for model-s

carlk | 12 avril 2013

Does anyone know if one can just pay the $114 fine and walk away or he/she still needs to get the plate mounted and signed off by an officer? It's a lot of trouble to do that.

cgiGuy | 12 avril 2013
nvjx | 12 avril 2013

I was just about to do it but I see cgiGuy has already posted the link. I used the first method (with J bolts)

rwang - The problem with leaving the temporary sticker on is it will be hard to explain the HOV lane stickers. The HOV stickers are issued after the licence plate is. The officer will wonder why you have the HOV stickers on but not the licence plates.

mtom007 | 12 avril 2013

thanks @nvjx @cgiGuy