"German Stores" Message to G. Blankenship

"German Stores" Message to G. Blankenship

Dear George Blankenship,

long story short- I love Tesla and I'm a follower since 2007! I'm in the western part of Germany
(north rhine westphalia 17 mio people, the highest population density in western Europe- I heard)... may or may not, this area actually is a fully white spot on the Tesla-Landmap. No stores, testdrives.
Otherwise, I fully understand the sight of an american guy who points out on Google-Maps and says "ok, one north, one south- take the biggest and most expencive Cities ...".

But: The Media-Capital of Germany is Cologne and the Capital of Haute Couture and Art is Duesseldorf!
Two Cities on a big river within 50KM ...

Ok, here is my location-scouting-output:
There is one special street, where You perfectly could bring on a Tesla-Store in direct neighbourhood to Hermés, Chanel, Rolex & Co, maybe Kö-Gallery. It's a little like "small Monaco". Here is, where the luxury people are! If You see a RR, Ferrari or so- than there! The highest density of millionairs f.E. is in Meerbusch (near Duesseldorf), not Hamburg or Munich.

Here is a Link to it:

Check Streetview as well:

Thanks for responding on this..
..and if You hire for this store: Employ me!
I know everything about this Car and more.


Jamon | 18 janvier 2013

@ Whity - I love the enthusiasm! I hope you get the store ... and the job!!

Whity Whiteman | 18 janvier 2013

That would be bigger than life! Vote for me )

negarholger | 18 janvier 2013

Whity - you are spot on. Also (besides Norway) Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland have the most MS reservations in EU. Place superchargers at Erftstadt, Alzey and near Offenburg and you have a Tesla highway from the North Sea to the Swiss Alps connecting these clusters driving on sunshine.

Whity Whiteman | 18 janvier 2013

if You like it, play this. Great reveal song!

GeirT | 18 janvier 2013

Good job Torsten, and your point is well taken. You talk of the heartland of wealth and population density in Germany. Hope The George listens. And good luck with the job application. This kind of enthusiasm deserves a reward :-)

Brian H | 18 janvier 2013

Ugh! That may be the most mind-numbingly repetitious piece of musical doggerel I've heard in decades. You will have customers fleeing the store, and possibly returning armed.

Whity Whiteman | 18 janvier 2013

hahaha- ok, it should be an extract from the Song-
as always in advertising. Always extracting the best- I like it

patrick.meier | 19 janvier 2013

@Kleist: Switzerland just called. It refuses to be placed in the EU.


Best wishes,


prash.saka | 19 janvier 2013

My vote's for you Whity.

Whity Whiteman | 19 janvier 2013

Thank You all, guys. Soft-skill-wise I'm the right guy for sure, although my english is not realy that perfect.

Sadly, no GB-response so far.
Happy weekend!

negarholger | 19 janvier 2013

Patrick - sorry. EU was just a shorthand for Europe.

Whity Whiteman | 19 janvier 2013

I've heard, the first european owner in a swiss guy- he's already driving the car for months. Find him, catch him, get amped )