Going electric in India

Going electric in India


Came across this on the web today. Looks like electric revolution is happening in India too. Not terribly good on range (100 km claimed) , nevertheless ....

rloehler | 20 mars 2013

Saw this. It's fascinating how much they copied of the marketing and feature set of the Model S, albeit in in a much more humble package. It's seen as a game changer in India for urban areas where short distance, stop and go driving is common. There are some interesting enhancements in the car not seen in a Tesla, such as solar charging carports and the capability to power your house during brownouts. As for as I know, there's no plans to market it in the U.S. No airbags, from what I can see, either.

ghillair | 20 mars 2013

Top Speed 80KPH (50mph)?

FLsportscarenth... | 20 mars 2013

A Leaf type car as I can see, though without the Nissan signature ultra ugly style, says econobox to me. If India wanted to get serious they could put chargers along the golden quadrilateral...

Bubba2000 | 20 mars 2013

The big problem is India is an unstable electrical supply. Same as many places in Africa. They have frequent electrical shutdowns, sometimes 4-5/day. Voltage variation from of about +/- 50V over their standard 220V and a lot of transient spikes. It is guaranteed to fry most electronic equipment unless the user has a voltage stabilizer and some back up battery box. Most businesses like Infosys have rack of back up batteries with inverters, etc and diesel generators. That market also offers tinny cars with 800 cc or less engines in cars, at dirt cheap prices.

This market like China may not be worth for BEV - yet.

manikantlawania | 27 avril 2013

all I want to know is
how do I buy a roadster in India and how will you provide servicing of the car.

FLsportscarenth... | 27 avril 2013


India is right hand drive so you likely could get one from HK...

Would be cool to see Bollywood stars and Successful Indian Industrialists driving around in Model S or Roadsters... A small market now but with some promise in decades to come...

I would not underestimate India's long term future, but they have a lot more expressways to build to get there...

- Robert Moses reincarnated...