Hamilton NJ Charging station almost ready!

Hamilton NJ Charging station almost ready!

Today I was really excited to see the electric meter installed! AND i flagged down the PSEG guys, they told me its all ready waiting for township final inspection and Tesla to do some calibration. Of course I gave them a tour of the car and answered all their questions AND I learned
that they are installing a charging station in the Cranberry area off the NJT i would assume that is exit 8a, they said they are ready to break ground! The tesla guy was reported to be working on the Edison location.

The exact location is behind theBarnes and Noble at the Hamilton Market place. rt. 130,-74.6429217,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x21531c86b99672d1

Rheumboy | 14 avril 2014

Does Christie know about this?

Car t man | 14 avril 2014

He's already closing lanes to the street. And building a bridge around it he can close... While choking on donuts. Baskets of them...

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 14 avril 2014

Cranberry, PA
I-76 exit 28
Residence Inn Cranberry Township
Has been in service for a while now!

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 14 avril 2014

I see this Cranberry is in NJ!

bak_phy | 14 avril 2014

Different Cranberry

bak_phy | 14 avril 2014

@EdwardGTesla2 oops. Missed your correction

Brian H | 15 avril 2014

The same Cranberry, but in a different state? /8-p

Red Sage ca us | 15 avril 2014

So... No 'gas station attendants' are needed at New Jersey Superchargers, after all? ;-)

hamer | 15 avril 2014


Plugged In | 15 avril 2014

The correct spelling is "Cranbury", which is off of Exit 8A. There are a number of distribution warehouses in the area,and a few hotels but not a lot of commerce (e.g. restaurants, shopping centers) unless the charger is several miles off of the 8A interchange.

hamer | 15 avril 2014

What about Mom's Peppermill Restaurant?

sharpe222 | 15 avril 2014

Mom's is long gone...and that is by exit 8 not 8A!

agiangone | 19 avril 2014

You may want to edit the title. Grand opening on Tuesday April 22nd

JonathanL | 19 avril 2014

There is a Delorenzos's pizza in Robbinsville 5 miles from the SC, but very close to the Turnpike. It is in a relatively new shopping plaza that includes a very good Italian specialty shop that makes great sandwiches.

tes-s | 20 avril 2014

Is that correct - grand opening April 22??!! Wooohooo!

JonathanL | 21 avril 2014

Just got a call from Tesla HQ. Hamilton will operational tomorrow, but opening ceremonies have been moved to Thursday to allow certain exec(s) to attend. Hmmmm, wonder whom that could be?

JOED | 21 avril 2014


please confirm that this has been rescheduled to thursday - is there an official notice posted somewhere.??

kenj | 21 avril 2014

This is great news.

I have a friend that lives in that area and I drove the MS to the annual Super Bowl party. Plugged into his 110v (yikes) while we there -- think I put on 12 miles in 4 hours. Pulled into my NY driveway under 0 in my Bjorn moment.

With this SC it will be smooth sailing for those making the trip to Great Adventure.

JonathanL | 21 avril 2014


I had rsvp'd for the event so I assume they are calling those who did the same.

tes-s | 21 avril 2014

This is great timing. I will be heading down to the Cooper River near Cherry Hill in a few weeks - scoped out a Blink charger there, but stopping at this supercharger on the way home will be perfect!

Volleyguy | 21 avril 2014

I figure you might know this.
How many MS sold in the U.S.? (so far)

tes-s | 22 avril 2014

I would guess about 25,500.

20,600 through 2013 according to Wikipedia.
About 4,000 Q1.
About 1,000 so far Q2.

rangerdad | 22 avril 2014

I received an email this morning from Tesla announcing Hamilton NJ is open and is the 100th Supercharger, although the Tesla supercharging website is not updated..... This is directly from the email.

"The Hamilton, NJ Supercharger is Now Open!
Hamilton Township Supercharger
425 Market Place Blvd, Hamilton Township, NJ 08691
(Located at the Hamilton Marketplace on the northwest side of Barnes & Noble)
24 hrs/day
Charging Stalls - 6
The planet’s fastest charging station is now just a road trip away! We are excited to announce our first Supercharger in New Jersey and our 100th Supercharger globally. The Hamilton Township Supercharger adds flexibility for owners travelling between Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City for free, for life."

As a Jersey boy who lives in MD and travels to the northeast quite a bit, this is very, very good news.