Highway 395 supercharger is happening!

Highway 395 supercharger is happening!

I just read that a 4 station supercharger station has been submitted for permit approval in Lone Pine.

This will enable trips to Mammoth for MS 85s coming from LA area. Folks from OC and SD will have to stop in Barstow. The permit is up for approval on October 2.

Thanks to SamO for posting the permit application link on another thread today.

dbh | 29 septembre 2014

Awesome! I think we need one in Bishop next. That would be amazing - Truckee/Tahoe down to Lone Pine and back, easy.

negarholger | 29 septembre 2014

395 is an empty road - why don't we get SC on 99.

dbh | 29 septembre 2014

395 is more awesome for "road trips" than 99 (just my opinion), maybe the best place for recreation/road trips ever...but the more the merrier. :) I'd vote for one in Tulare.

Bobrrr | 29 septembre 2014


I think the original spots posted on the map were Bishop and Ridgecrest. Lone Pine is a compromise if only 1 395 charger is being built this fall.

I'll need to stop in either Barstow or Hawthorne to make it to Lone Pine.

We might see the next 395 supercharger location in Ridgecrest. That would enable MS 60s to make it up from LA, OC, and SD.

dbh | 29 septembre 2014

I don't care about getting there from LA, OC, or SD myself, but that's cool...I care about getting *to* Lone Pine as the final destination via either north Tahoe or Yosemite from the bay area (i.e. chargers in Manteca and Lee Vining would be great...Manteca to Bishop looks not doable.) A charger right at Lone Pine is great!

negarholger | 29 septembre 2014

@dbh - northern vs southern perspective...
99 is actually a heavily used road, 395 I always find myself all by myself... besides occasional weekends 395 is a dead road.

J.T. | 30 septembre 2014

New York Curmudgeon alert!!

When posting about Supercharger locations please include the state where the Supercharger will be located, at least that goes for those Superchargers between "gopher holes." (@DTsea I'm leaving out the smiley for you.)

Lone Pine, Tulare, Bishop, Manteca just don't have the same name recognition of places like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, Montreal and Toronto.

So, please, let those of us here in the Northeast bask in your reverie of Superchargers installed so you can drive from the middle of nowhere all the way into nowhere without having to worry about charging.

JayInJapan | 30 septembre 2014

I used to love driving 395! Lake Tahoe, Mammoth, Las Vegas, and all points between there and San Diego. 395 used to be the main road through the center of the state. Enjoy the new SC!

hsadler | 30 septembre 2014

Maybe.... but people in Lone Pine are typically smarter - almost everyone there knows where New York is... but New Yorkers?

SCCRENDO | 30 septembre 2014

@JT. The North-South route is coming together in California. The 5 is the main route and is fully stocked except for a supercharger at Manteca which is en route to Sacramento at about the point people head west to the Bay Area. There are 4-5 alternate options which require deviation off the route (Gilroy, Fremont, Roseville, Fremont). Vacaville is more direct but is a long leg. The 99 splits off from the 5 after Lebec supercharger and runs to Bakersfield, Fresno, access to Yosemite eventually also getting to Bakersfield. There is nothing along the 99 and Tulare was suggested as a good spot as a possible gateway to Yosemite. The 1 is pretty much covered along the coast from LA to San Francisco through Oxnard, Buellton, Atascadero and Gilroy. The 395 runs along the eastern sierras from Southern Cal to MT Whitney (near Lone Pine) Mammoth ski slopes and Lake Tahoe. There is nothing there. Lone Pine would make the area doable from Los Angeles. From further south one would need to charge at either Hawthorne or Barstow both being a slight deviation off route. Hence places like Ridgecrest, further south of Lone Pine and Bishop, north of Lone Pine have been mentioned. Hope that helps. We are not greedy in California

SCCRENDO | 30 septembre 2014

Sorry 99 should read eventually getting to Stockton and Sacramento.

J.T. | 30 septembre 2014

@SCCRENDO TMI Just wanted to know what state we were talking about.
Example: Lone Pine CA
Manteca CA
Tulare CA
Mammoth CA

Do you see the pattern?

4SUPER9 | 30 septembre 2014

99 is a good route for the Western Sierras. 395 covers the Eastern Sierras. 395 is traveled in winter for Mammoth, and does give a connection to Reno and Tahoe from other areas in the southeast (Inland Empire).

The bad news is, no, we cannot make Lone Pine from Hawthorne. Even going below the speed limit would require 262 RMs. Then, there are typically high winds in that area. Forget it. We will need Mojave or Inyokern.

Pungoteague_Dave | 30 septembre 2014

For those of us not so California-centric, how about changing the title to indicate state? 395's exist everywhere - I can think of I-395's in Virginia/DC, Connecticut, Miami, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Maine. We understand that everything begins and ends in California for some, but there is another world out here.

thranx | 30 septembre 2014

While sc's have nothing to do with manufacturing, there is this small battery plant being built in Reno, and having a way to access it in a Tesla from Southern California without having to cross the Sierras (in, say, the dead of winter) might offer a modest additional rationale for putting a couple of superchargers on 395 other than to facilitate apres ski.

rjp | 30 septembre 2014

I vote for one in Death Valley. :-)

J.T. | 30 septembre 2014

@rjp That comment would have been better from rip.

dbh | 30 septembre 2014

All you people saying there is nothing along are 395 are completely missing the point of the place. It's perhaps the most beautiful part of the state, and a recreation paradise from Lone Pine to Mammoth to Tahoe. Exactly the point of supercharging and road trips.

And now you can drive from Tahoe to Lone Pine, entirely solar and supercharger powered, to participate in this other form of renewable transport in Lone Pine:


SCCRENDO | 30 septembre 2014

@JT I know the pattern. Was just rubbing it in. Next time send donuts.

SCCRENDO | 30 septembre 2014

Thinking about it this thread should probably be moved to the Northern and Southern California forums. One other correction to my other post. I was talking about the 101 not the 1.

J.T. | 30 septembre 2014

@SCCRENDO You guys are paying WAY too much attention to Mathew98. We've got bagels, muffins, cookies, Danish, but no Donuts!!

JZ13 | 30 septembre 2014

4super9 +1

We need another SC South of Lone Pine for us So Cal people who want to drive to Mammoth.

SCCRENDO | 30 septembre 2014

@JT See there. The Californians want a Supercharger next to every gas station. If you want to supercharge come to California. I'll take you out for a bagel and lox. We even have that stuff here.

J.T. | 30 septembre 2014

@SCCRENDO I'll take you out for a bagel and lox. We even have that stuff here.
They have it everywhere. But there's a reason people use New York as the litmus test for quality.

Then again some people think that California Pizza Kitchen actually serves pizza.

dbh | 30 septembre 2014

I plugged Truckee, CA to Lone Pine, CA into evtripplanner, using 95F and a 500lb payload. It's close...maybe *barely* doable. But definitely not doable with a couple of gliders strapped to the roof. We need a charger in Lee Vining, Mammoth, or Bishop.

Distance 265.1 miles
Driving Time 4:47
Total Energy Used 78.6 kWh
273 RM
Average Efficiency 296 Wh/mile
Net Elevation Change -2089 feet

SCCRENDO | 30 septembre 2014

@JT And it looks like the litmus quality and quantity for superchargers is California. Particularly if all on this thread have their way.

J.T. | 30 septembre 2014

@SCCRENDO Okay, you won that one, but it isn't over.

tes-s | 30 septembre 2014

More good supercharger news! More superchargers, even if in CA, are a good thing. :)

JackB | 31 octobre 2014

Just noticed there's now destination charging at the Westin in Mammoth Lakes! Called them up and it's free if you eat at the restaurant or stay overnight.

SamO | 31 octobre 2014

re: Westin, Even just eating in the restaurant is good enough if you are renting a condo elsewhere.

Nice catch JackB

SBCB | 7 décembre 2014

Just about to take delivery (fingers crossed) of a P85D, and would like to drive it up to Mammoth once it arrives.
Yes, I will need to swap out the t&w's for the trip, as it doesn't appear that chains work with the big wheels.

Q1: any up-date as to the ETA for Lone Pine SC?

Bobrrr | 13 décembre 2014

Pictures posted on tmc show that construction has begun and opening should be in January

Bobrrr | 24 janvier 2015

According to a post on TMC with a newspaper clip, opening is scheduled for Tuesday January 27th.

TaoJones | 24 janvier 2015

This is great news. Thanks!

jgaring43 | 18 août 2019

Re: Oregon US 395, There are two non-supercharger chargers between Pendleton and Lake View, near CA border.
Burns is the crucial point: Oregon 20, a major cross-state highway passes thru Burns as well as Oregon 78
connecting to the SE.
I was blocked from charging recently at Burns because another Tesla got to the slow charger first.
I'd propose a Supercharger at Burns that would serve both N-S and E-W a very big swath of central Oregon.

GHammer | 18 août 2019

@jgaring We've been beating the Burns drum for a long time.