Hinge for rear trunk compartment?

Hinge for rear trunk compartment?

I love the compartment but find it a hassle without a hinge. The irony is this is the only complaint I have about the car. ACtually one other, my son and wife always want to drive it? | 25 avril 2013

Just 10 minutes ago had to mess with it a bit to get it to go flat. A hinge would be nice. It's a bit more of a hassle when you have a rear carpet on top.

jat | 25 avril 2013

Assuming you are talking about the cover that goes over the footwell, mine has a horizontal hinge in it.

hkmr | 25 avril 2013

when did you get your car. Mine is 3 weeks old. No hinge.

RedShift | 25 avril 2013

No hinge, march 23rd picked up.

What the....?

Carefree | 25 avril 2013

I finally got my parcel shelf yesterday and there is a flap - I assume that's what you guys mean by "hinge"? You can fold the parcel shelf up to have easier access to the trunk. Carpet side is at the bottom (the underside)

DouglasR | 25 avril 2013

I think the hinge jat is referring to is the way the footwell cover bends or folds across its length. When you lay the cover across the footwell and press it flat (so the "hinge" is not bent), it exerts pressure on the front and back edges so that the cover stays put. Kind of. :)

Carefree | 25 avril 2013

Sorry - I totally missed that you are talking about the foot well cover - duh!

jat | 25 avril 2013

My car was shipped on 12/31.

Brian H | 25 avril 2013

Carpet side DOWN. I think most people are trying to make it bend the wrong way.

bp | 26 avril 2013

Will be getting my foot well cover today - and will get a chance to see how this will work first-hand with the Tesla mat.

Since getting the parcel shelf - I haven't been using the foot well storage - since the parcel shelf now hides what's laying on the rear trunk floor. The foot well now has items that I probably won't access very often - like the UMC, tire repair kit, ... - so ease of access to that area isn't as big a deal now. [It was before without the parcel shelf.]

MandL | 26 avril 2013

For me that foot well is the perfect place for grocery bags to go so they won't fall over and leave groceries flinging around the back of my car (not that I would drive in such a way to make that happen of course). If I ever get the parcel shelf I'll probably find a place to permanently stash the cover, whether in the car or in the garage.

jat | 26 avril 2013

I dislike that the footwell cover can't lay flat in the trunk when I need to put something there that is tall -- it is about half an inch too wide to fit between the wheel wells. It is also pretty flimsy -- if you put heavy luggage on top of it will bend at the hinge.

If newer cars don't have the hinge, then maybe that is why it was removed - there seems little benefit from the hinge compared to just picking the whole thing up.

RedShift | 26 avril 2013


I have the 'hinge' too. I misunderstood what you were talking about earlier.

I have laid on top of the lid, and I did not noticed bending.

Don't ask me what I was doing :-)

RedShift | 26 avril 2013

Did not notice, not noticed.

Brian H | 26 avril 2013

Small hint about controlling groceries: run a bungie cord loop through the handles of the bags.

As for storage, there'e a thread somewhere that shows how to stash it up against the rear seat backs. Tight, but do-able.

bp | 26 avril 2013

Just got my trunk well cover. It has the hinge with a small section at the back end of the cover.

The cover is not as sturdy as the temporary cover I've been using the last few months.

Will see how it holds up this weekend when putting weight on top of it.

StefanT | 26 avril 2013

@Red +1