How about photos of the release vehicle?

How about photos of the release vehicle?

Now that 2deliveries have been made, it is time to remove the betas from the site.

Sudre_ | 5 juin 2012

that needs a like button dborn.

Volker.Berlin | 6 juin 2012

Even better, here's a video of Steve Jurvetson taking delivery, posted by himself:

prash.saka | 6 juin 2012

Now, I am fuming jealous ... he got his, where's mine? What's the emoticon for jealous, by the way?

That said, I am so very very glad to see the real car being driven by a real owner. Excellent. Now, I am not sure whether the wait will be easier or harder. On the plus side, the cars are out. On the minus side, everyone else is getting one and I am having to wait.

Loved the video!

~ Prash.

Brian H | 7 juin 2012


How's that?
And it's hardly "everyone else"! More like "someone else". Or even "anyone else".


Teoatawki | 8 juin 2012

Anyone know what color Elon picked?

Volker.Berlin | 8 juin 2012

I remember some rumors that he chose black, but no definitive info yet. Maybe he likes black, but to me it seems am awkward choice for a car that is mostly driven in California, and is all about efficiency...

Klaus | 8 juin 2012

The shareholders meeting video showed Elon standing next to his black Model S.

Teoatawki | 8 juin 2012

Elon has been driving a black alpha/beta test car. Unless the video was made in the last week, it had to have been the test car.

prash.saka | 8 juin 2012

+1 Brian. Nice creativity.

Whity Whiteman | 8 juin 2012
Teoatawki | 8 juin 2012

So he did stick with black. I noticed both he and Steve got the bright 21's instead of the carbon grey wheels. Perhaps neither one got the performance option.

stephen.kamichik | 8 juin 2012

I believe they both got the performance option according to June 5 blog.

Teoatawki | 8 juin 2012

I guess I'm in good company, then. I'm also getting performance with the bright wheels.

Schlermie | 8 juin 2012

It's still not clear how the front plate is supposed to be mounted. I wonder if the front-end will look different on the post-6/22 vehicles.

BYT | 8 juin 2012

I am also wondering about the front plates as they are required in California for the toll booths and traffic camera's, ect.