How does halogen headlights look like ?

How does halogen headlights look like ?

Can anyone share some pictures of MS halogen headlight when it is on ?

stevenmaifert | 9 avril 2013

Scroll down. The white car is mine. Did you have a specific question or concern?

vincent1001 | 10 avril 2013

@stevenmaifert, thank you very much. It's a perfect example to me since my MS is white as well. Actually, I don't have any concern about it. My MS without tech package will arrive in May. I just want to see how halogen headlight looks like when it is on. If it's too yellow and looks not good since there is bright white LED next to it, I am considering to replace with xenon headlight.

stevenmaifert | 10 avril 2013

Vincent - Okay on all. The light from the halogen lamp is white and illuminates the roadway quite well, so you should be happy with it.

GeekEV | 10 avril 2013

The light from the halogens are white? Compared to what, a candle? Compared to the LED headlights on my LEAF and the HID lamps in my Prius, they are VERY yellow. I'm actively looking to change them out aftermarket if I can just figure out WTF kind of bulb they use. Nobody seems to know!

Brian H | 10 avril 2013

Yellow is good. Better focus, less frequency smearing compared to those bluish Pain-in-the-Eyes jobs.

GeekEV | 23 mai 2013

So, I finally got an answer from the San Rafael service center that the halogen bulbs in the MS are 9005 type. After researching all afternoon, it looks like the best street legal option are the Osram Cool Blue Intense 9005CBI with a color temp of 4,200k. I've ordered some from Power Bulbs and will report back after I get them installed:

GeekEV | 30 mai 2013

I just completed install of the replacement halogen bulbs. I took pictures and intend to write up a how-to, but it might be a while (busy next couple weeks). The upshot is that unless you can find whiter halogens (I couldn't) it's probably not worth doing. Projecting against my garage door these bulbs are only marginally whiter. The good news is its relatively easy to do. Tesla's made it very easy to work on. Also good news is the way it all goes together I believe a HID conversion would be quite easy. There should not be any alignment issues or watertight issues, etc. I may undertake that next. Stay tuned.

GeekEV | 30 mai 2013

FYI, according to the LightSpectrum Pro app on my iPhone, the new bulbs measure about 800k whiter than stock.

Chuck Lusin | 30 mai 2013
GeekEV | 31 mai 2013

I ordered this one and will try it soon:

GeekEV | 13 juin 2013

So I've got them installed now. See my posts on this thread: