How would you like to speed up your Model S production schedule by two weeks?

How would you like to speed up your Model S production schedule by two weeks?

After salivating and budgeting for a year to place an order for my latest boy's toy, I finally took the plunge and placed my deposit earlier this year. I had the chance to configure my MS60 in Feb but deferred it at the time due to personal reasons at the time.

Like many others in the forum, I have be waiting a short few months for the opportunity to configure my Red MS60. When it was time to send the order to the factory, I stumbled upon a backdoor trick to speed up the production schedule.

How many of you waiting in line would like to speed up the production/delivery by two weeks when the magical "Configure" button shows up?

Brian H | 10 mai 2013

The back door will be closed as soon as you reveal it.

GeekEV | 10 mai 2013

I believe they sit on your configuration for two weeks before sending it off to the factory to give you a chance to make changes, etc. I bet if you call them and tell them to skip the wait they would. Is that what you're referring to?

cgiGuy | 10 mai 2013

LOL.. are you going to give us a PayPal account to send our $29.95 to for this awesome super-secret information?

stimeygee | 10 mai 2013

You just call them up to tell them to send it to the factory. Just be sure you're sure. Sorry if I ruined the surprise.

cgiGuy | 15 mai 2013

I think we ticked him off... so I guess we'll never know...

CaliSun | 15 mai 2013

Yeah, I called and had them release it to the factory, raved me 12 days of waiting. Not exactly some magical back door, the guy at the Meno Park store suggested it.