I NEED this

I NEED this

I think we've talked about this before, but I would like different skins for the Model S UI.

The first thing I would want is an 8-bit skin. Here is an extremely ROUGH mock up of what I'm talking about. I hope you get the idea though. I crossed out in red the portions which I did not bother to try to convert to 8-bit. I'm no sprite artist and you do NOT want to see my attempt to make an 8-bit version of the car there on the left lol. A sprite artist would be able to come up with something nice and "cute". For an 8-bit theme you couldn't have all of the shadows and gradation in the background.

(click to enlarge)

Again, I imagine that a graphic designer could come up with something completely awesome, and it doesn't necessarily have to be what I tried to do here, which is to try to just take the existing screen and just straight "convert" it to 8-bit.

Here is the original shot which I took from the Model S manual for comparison:

DTsea | 14 janvier 2013

I am missing something, why would the 8 bit graphics be cool?

Timo | 15 janvier 2013

That's not even 8-bit, just lower resolution.

eltonf | 15 janvier 2013

That would be a terrible marketing move. Can you imagine the disappointment of anyone who peeks into the car and sees a pixelated mess.

bp | 15 janvier 2013

When they get finished implementing functionality that is either missing or not working well, I'd like to see them provide a configurable dash, with multiple skin options.

I believe the new Cadillacs provide multiple dashboard skins - which should be pretty easy to do for Tesla. And is something they should try to do in the next few months - maybe by providing a couple of "themes" for displays on both the dash and console.

With the 17" touchscreen, Tesla should be able to do even more. They could display the dashboard on the touchscreen, and then let the user completely reconfigure the dash by dragging - dropping - resizing elements on the dash.

Reconfigurability is "nice to have" functionality - that should be low on the priority list - but would be very cool and highlight how powerful the onboard hardware and software are.

Tiebreaker | 15 janvier 2013

I remember reading long ago Elon or somebody at Tesla said that Model S will allow custom skins... This was even before the Beta... Can't locate the article now, though...

Achilz | 15 janvier 2013

I love the idea of being able to customize the dash display. The 8-bit is cute, but probably not for most people. But, the ability to change skins would certainly be a major innovation that would generate lots of enthusiasm.
I've been thinking about a boot up sequence as well, like a 1 second video of the car with a whirring electric Sci Fi space ship type of sound. Wouldn't it be fun to see what designers come up with?

BYT | 15 janvier 2013

I have some design idea's that are completely different but would still look cool, I'm not a fan of 8bit, I'm all about retina displays! :)

Desai | 15 janvier 2013

It would be great to customize not just the skin but also layout of some elements. This may not likely happen but would be a great added option.

Jewsh | 15 janvier 2013

I agree it'd be nice to customize the look and feel. I worry mostly though about the stability of the firmware. I'd rather have Tesla work on stability than customizability.

Brian H | 15 janvier 2013

Yes, at this point stability is starting to look real attractive ...

olanmills | 15 janvier 2013

"I am missing something, why would the 8 bit graphics be cool?" ~DTsea

Yes, you are missing something.

"That's not even 8-bit, just lower resolution." ~Timo

Yeah, I know. I'm no artist. My rendition is crappy. If there was an artist who knew what I was talking about, I think they could make something that would look amazing, and, I guess if I'm being honest, most people would probably consider it to be "cute" rather than cool.

"Can you imagine the disappointment excitement of anyone who peeks into the car and sees a pixelated mess wonderland." ~eltonf

It seems you made a mistake in your grammar. I fixed it for you.

Brian H | 15 janvier 2013

People who don't remember Space Invaders won't like it.

Vawlkus | 16 janvier 2013

When that comes out I am SO making a Knight Rider skin for it }BD