If Elon had a lottery among Tesla buyers for a ride with a space crew on a Space X rocket, to orbit the earth, would you go ?

If Elon had a lottery among Tesla buyers for a ride with a space crew on a Space X rocket, to orbit the earth, would you go ?

If you win, requirements include sending back Tesla blog mesages; Elon tweets & Facebook pictures; and short YouTube videos on social media while circling the earth. And to let us know what it's like !

RNB | 9 mai 2013

F Yeah

JPPTM | 9 mai 2013

In a minute!

Teslation | 9 mai 2013

Yeah I'd go too, first thing I ask when I get up there , "Ok where 's the plug for the smartphone charger ?"

TeslaRocks | 9 mai 2013

Why, is SpaceX looking for volunteers/guinea pigs to test manned space flight of their capsule?

Acme11 | 9 mai 2013

I'd go in a heartbeat! And tweet/post pithily all the while. Promise!

Brian H | 9 mai 2013

In a second. Have you seen the Dragon astronaut mock-ups? Luxury spaceship.

Teslation | 9 mai 2013

I hear Solar panels work really well up in space, I'd guess I'd take a solar charger for backup.

Space, it's definitely not for the faint of heart , (non-risk takers). Richard Branson already into the sub-space tourist biz. I think his flights are $200,000.00

And aluxury Dragon apparel , I could get into that.

Teslation | 10 mai 2013

If Elon and SpaceX did this spaceflight lottery yearly , it would create billions in free International publicity for Tesla. Especially if yearly winners were rotated among different continents, e.g. America's, Europe, Asia etc to hype local interest. Soon everyone would know about Tesla world wide ! Good cross branding promotion.

Timo | 11 mai 2013

In a heartbeat.

Space budget solved: make a weekly lottery, five or so get to space from 52 winners after physical tests and training, rest get a luxury weekend at some hotel, sell couple of million lottery tickets weekly, one winner / week, ticket price $10.

52*10*1 million = 520 million / year.

Make that global, and selling million tickets weekly wouldn't even be difficult. It would be more like 100 million - one billion tickets / week I guess. People like space, but most think they can never get there. Give a opportunity, even a small one, and they take it.

Teslation | 11 mai 2013

@Timo +1 Easily, nice improvement. Buy a space lottery ticket, or get one free with purchase of a Tesla.

Perhaps Branson could help out, get a bunch of International hotel companies to pony up a billion each to start a small expandable hotel in space. Good advertising for their investment. Just keep at least one Teslanaut up there posting back to Tesla & Solar City social media etc.

And don't forget, make sure the Space Hotel advertises 100% powered by Solar City solar sun panels for more great cross advertising of Elon's other company, Solar City.

Who knows, pretty soon you might be able to say, "Room service, I need my spacesuit cleaned & pressed. And give me a wake up call in 5 sunrises, would you please, I need to get a good 6 orbits of rest, thanks."

Reference: The space station orbits the earth 15 times a day, see link.