Interior color selection

Interior color selection

I have my order in for a black leather interior but I am afraid I should have ordered the beige or gray interior for the two tone contrast look.

Anyone regret the black or seen both in person?

My wife thinks the lighter interior will not look as good as black over time.

Carefree | 28 avril 2013

I went back and forth between gray and black interior. In the end I went with black and I am glad I did. It looks classy and it doesn't show every speck of dirt. Keeping lighter colored leather clean looking is a challenge. My P85 is silver and the contrast with the black interior with the red piping looks stunning - IMHO:-)

jasonsc | 28 avril 2013

I am trying to finalize my order and having some heartburn about the P85 or not. One of the biggest hangups for me is the red piping on black interior. I am getting a gray car and don't think any other interior would look good (but would love to be told I am wrong). The red on some pictures starts to look fairly pink. Anyone else care to comment?



kback | 28 avril 2013

I'm getting a gray car with gray interior. I've seen photos of several that look great, and seen multiple owners with the same configuration who are happy. It sounds like it would be boring, but at least one owner has written about the "zen" feeling of gray with gray and matte obeche. I've had a black interior on most of my cars and decided to change it up. The piping on the gray interior is said to match the color of the headed inter perfectly. I'm now debating whether to order the Lloyd's gray mats.

blc1017 | 28 avril 2013

I have grey with grey interior and lacewood and absolutely love it. I had a black interior before and it shows dirt just as much as light leather if not more--every hair and speck of dust. Love the subtle lacewood and went back and forth on the matte obeche but I made the right choice for me. I did buy Lloyd's mats in graphite--slightly lighter than black but not so light as to show dirt easily.

ylyubarsky | 28 avril 2013

If you want my opinion, I would take Black over any color. I might be go with light sand color, like Rolls Royce or Bentley interior color. But with the poor color selection that we have interior and exterior wise, Black is the way to go.

hademarco | 28 avril 2013

I have a black car with the grey interior. It looks great. I saw one with black interior. It looks great too. I saw a signature with the red piping on black's beautiful! @Sean, I don't think you can go wrong with either. @jtalleysc, you'll love the red piping.

Mike C | 28 avril 2013

I have grey, grey, and piano black. I think it looks pretty awesome (although I should, because that's why I ordered it)

TheAustin | 28 avril 2013

I have a blue P85 with grey/matte obeche interior...It is beautiful, and very zen, and I'm so happy with my choice...When it was my time to configure, I was away on vacation, and took a 200-mile day trip (each way) into NYC to look at the samples in person in order to make the best possible decision and not delay my car. I don't regret it for a second...I like the grey seats, but I love that the cream piping on it matches the cream alcantara headliner. I would HATE to have black seats with read piping. But hey, that's just me...

And, do you know what part of my car gets the dirtiest the fastest? The black dashboard. I can see dust on it all the time, within a couple of days of washing/wiping it. The seats themselves always look great, even when I go a month without washing it.

carlf9121 | 29 avril 2013

I have the black P85 with the grey interior & carbon fiber accent. I was tossed between black with red piping or grey with light beige piping. I was concern about having my 1st black exterior & black interior vehicle, during the summer months, the cabin temperature will be hot. Even though the phone app allows pre-cooling of the car by remote, I didn't want to drain more of the battery than necessary. Either way, both colors are stunning.

pebell | 29 avril 2013

I was wondering if anyone with a brown Model S could recommend an interior color. Currently, I'm thinking black would be the only way to go. The "tan" is, imho, not a very beautiful one, and while it may match with a black of blue car, I am afraid it will clash horribly with the brown exterior color. And brown and gray - I'm told that's a fashion "no-no", so perhaps that extends to cars as well..

dougiec68 | 29 avril 2013

blue ext with beige int. love it. let your local area temps help determine your choice. if it's super sunny/hot where you are, go for a lighter interior. my 2cents. good luck!

herkimer | 29 avril 2013

I started out wanting the white car with black interior.
Went to the showroom and saw a car with exactly that config. Decideded, after sitting in the car that it was too dark for me, wasn't really pleased with the all black interior. So I looked at the tan and grey. They looked nice, but not so much with the white exterior. I do like the two tone look, but I thought that the tan was a little too "yellow" for me.

In the end I went for the green exterior with the grey interior. (Moved from black to tan, and then to grey). I kind of started with an idea that grey would be dull or boring, but I like it more and more as time goes by. Makes all the colors come together well with the lacewood, and is subtle and light. Just looks and feels great. Some have mentioned that the blue w/grey is "zen." I now understand what that means. My green with grey has a real 'zen' feel too.

herkimer | 29 avril 2013

Oops! Decideded = decided. Need to be able to edit! (please)

elguapo | 29 avril 2013

Wow, no love for tan here. I didn't want black because I think it shows dirt way too easily and with 2 young kids, I didn't want to deal with that. I have blue/tan coming. I will say, however, I think tan will only look good with a couple of different exteriors.

markapeterman | 29 avril 2013

Tan/Obeche Matte is a great combo - best of all worlds (IMO). Works with more exterior colors than you would think.

RedShift | 29 avril 2013

Blue with grey, and yes, zen.

True California car, with deep blue color and rich creamy grey ( really, light grey, very upscale looking) on highway 1. My dream come true.

inverts | 29 avril 2013

I also have blue ext, with grey, and lacewood. Blue-grey gives it a tech-cool look, which is a perfect fit for this tech-marvel. I would be very concerned with black in SoCal summer as it will heat to blistering levels. Yes, you can run AC, but lighter colors will help with keeping it more comfortable upon entry.

Notice, that you put your skin right onto the upholstery, but not on the exterior metal. So dark metal with heat absorption is not as much an issue as dark seats. Cold seats can be heated, but hot seats cannot be cooled.

Re stains, I think it is 6 of one half dozen of the other. I did spill some coffee onto my grey leather seats, and only the stitching is a half shade darker now. Unless you examine the car with a magnifying glass, you don't see it.

Brian H | 29 avril 2013

Try consumer-grade peroxide (3%). It removes organics (coffee, urine, ketchup, wine, etc.) stains without bleaching. Spray and leave for a few hours. Slow-burns them into atmospheric gases, no scrubbing etc.

kentale | 7 juillet 2013

I have a silver P85 on order. Really excited. As of now I have black leather interior. Normally like lighter interiors. Anyone have silver and gray? (Carefree, Thx for your comments. Did you consider gray?).

Brian H | 7 juillet 2013

"Silver threads among the grey♫"??
☺ ☻ ☺

ddruz | 7 juillet 2013

I have silver and tan. The tan is very light so it is a fabulous combo.

nlc | 29 juillet 2013

Hi all, I reserved a S85 few weeks ago, and I choosed :
- Black exterior
- Beige interior and matte Obeche

I think (and I hope !!) it will look good !!

Brian H | 29 juillet 2013

The past tense is 'chose'. "Choose" is one of those many 'irregular' English verbs from 'Anglo-Saxon' roots, not a 'regular' Norman-French derived one. "Choosed" is never used. The past participle is "chosen". (The MS was chosen as the Best Car for 2013 by Motor Trend magazine.)

About Tesla décor, try and create an ugly one. VERY hard to do. Those Tesla designers are sneaky that way!

Dcp9142 | 29 juillet 2013

@pebell: brown with tan and matte obeche is stunning. But rare, so don't tell anyone. I lke being able to find my steed in the herd.

pebell | 30 juillet 2013

@Dcp9142: I had ordered brown with black interior, but after starting a thread of my own asking for advice, I have changed my order to brown with tan. I live the Netherlands, though, so no worries about us mixing our cars up ;-D.

And I don't take anything away from the uniqueness of your vehicle anyway, because I went with the piano black finish. I felt it accentuates the "car of the future" aspect better - the combination of a huge modern touchscreen and a "retro" wood dash creates a "design tension" that is intriguing but in the end didn't work for me. I _really_ liked the carbon fiber finish in the P85 I had my test drive in, but can't afford the P :)

vperl | 4 janvier 2015

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