Keeping it civil

Keeping it civil

After getting a little personal on the forums myself recently (mea culpa), I figured a thread on the subject of civility might not be a bad thing.

I believe it was AmpedRealtor who recently said something to the effect that it's a good idea to take 10 minutes before posting if you are feeling really annoyed/angry/disappointed/aroused*/obsequious**. I think that is great advice and plan to redouble my efforts to follow it henceforth.

This forum is actually a goldmine of information, not to mention a lot of fun, when it doesn't get muddied with too much incivility. I admire those who have been consistently good examples (Volker.Berlin***, Rod & Barbara, nickjhowe come to mind immediately), and offer my apologies for my own previous bad contributions.

Almost everyone who posts here on any kind of regular basis has provided useful, informative, funny or otherwise productive stuff at one time or other (and I like to think this includes me). Think about how much better still it could be if we could also dispense with most of the counterproductive stuff (again, acknowledging my own contribution there - please don't flame me [wouldn't that be ironic on this thread?]).

Forum Nirvana is within our grasp, people. We can do it! [disregarding the lack of search, moderation, subcategories, broken HTML tag system, the near-impossibility of embedding pictures in threads... ok, maybe not Nirvana exactly. But I digress...]

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest.

Peace, joy and Tesla grins to all.

[* just seeing if you were paying attention - although it would be kinda creepy if you were posting while aroused, so please don't do it. Even after waiting 10 minutes.]
[** the word 'obsequious' makes no sense in this context, it just makes me feel smart to use it]
[*** what ever happened to that guy? Should we put his picture on a milk carton or something?]

riceuguy | 12 septembre 2013

***Volker mentioned that he was spending so much time here on the forums that it was starting to impact his home life and voluntarily took a leave of absence. It's probably not such a bad idea for most of us to take a brief sabbatical and perhaps the irritability would decrease! :-)

AmpedRealtor | 12 septembre 2013

Bravo. I need to take my own advice more often as well.

jjs | 12 septembre 2013

Nice. +1

ian | 12 septembre 2013


Well said indeed mrspaghetti.

romainiacWV | 13 septembre 2013

+1 | 13 septembre 2013


tes-s | 13 septembre 2013

I resemble that comment! Thanks for the reminder - I'll try to do better.

SamO | 13 septembre 2013


No matter how many times you've addressed a known issue, it's usually the first time that some newbie has posed it.

I hereby swear I will NOT hunt trolls, but be patient, kind and helpful.


Ohms.Law | 13 septembre 2013

Nice thread mrspaghetti. +1 You and so many here are such a class act. It's what keeps me hooked.

NomoDinos | 13 septembre 2013

Mrspaghetti - +10, couldn't agree more. This is like the Gallapagos of internet forums - a special, unspoiled place with natural resources, and a variety of wonderful nuts.

I had a Volker Berlin sighting on TMC, and was so excited I almost took a screen shot. Like seeing a rockstar in person, minus the drugs and groupies.

shao | 13 septembre 2013

Been reading the forums since July, but haven't had much to say. Quietly looking forward to my delivery date (9/28!).

Excellent, much needed post. Need to keep this one on page 1.
Thank you mrspaghetti.

Dramsey | 13 septembre 2013

Agreed. We've all fallen down on this at some point or the other...

mrspaghetti | 13 septembre 2013

@NoMoDinos: What? Volker Berlin doesn't have groupies? Well he ought to :)

cfOH | 13 septembre 2013

Nice post, Mrs. Paghetti.