Key Fob lost and found

Key Fob lost and found

Has anyone lost their key fob? My 2.5 year old daughter thought that the key fob was a toy car I had bought for her, just like her matchbox cars. She likes to hide things at this age and I couldn't find it for a while. Finally this morning, I found it in my sock drawer. anyone else's kids think the key was a toy? Will need to keep it out of reach....

Tech4ever | 6 mars 2013

my 3 year old thinks that normal looking key fobs are fun toys, I can't even imagine what he will think when my new one is in the shape of a car.

I found my Porsche keyfob inside his toy garbage truck the other day. I do envision the tesla fob making at least one run through his matchbox 'loop d loop' race track :-0

CC | 6 mars 2013

I keep my 2 key fobs HIGH and away from the kids (5 and 2 yr old). Would be nice to use the smart phone app to locate the key fob though :)

Vawlkus | 6 mars 2013

@CC: ok, THAT has definitely gotta go on the app update list.
+1 for clever thinking.

jpeterman | 6 mars 2013

My five year old calls it Baby Tesla and insists on being the one to carry it to the car and hold it while we are driving. We have long theorized about how long it will be before it ends up in the matchbox car drawer.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 6 mars 2013

We attached our fobs to press to find devices that flash and chime when you push a button on the locater device. About $50 for 8 of them from Amazon. Great for TV remotes and wallet also, and a little sticky tape attaches the find-button device to the TV so it doesn't get lost. We have suggested that Tesla build such electronics into the fob and the locater button on the touch-screen---yes you'll need a second fob to get at the touch-screen to set of the finder light and chime in the fob.

Brian H | 7 mars 2013

I suspect your kid knows it's needed to make Daddy Tesla go. So he will treat it as a powerful talisman, not a toy!