Largest wheels/tires that do not rub

Largest wheels/tires that do not rub

I'd like to buy some 22's for my MS. I know this has been done already. Has anyone here accomplished this? Do you get any rubbing? What are the specs of wheel/tire you fit it with? Ideally I'd like to get 22's with the thickest profile and widest tire I can fit. I do not want to roll the fenders or get rubbing. I do have air suspension so I have to worry about when it lowers as well.

mrspaghetti | 10 avril 2013

Just curious - is this purely for looks or is there another reason?

dsterdee | 11 avril 2013

Purely looks. I want it to be different from the others out there.

BorisT | 11 avril 2013

255-30-22. I have those on my car. However some tire mfg's rub but it depends on the offset you're running on the wheels.

BorisT | 11 avril 2013

So here's my setup:

Wheels 22x9" et 35.
Tires 255-30-22 Verderstein Tires (I understand the Michelin Pilot Sports rub, the Pirelli PZero Nero do not, my Vrederstein work fine)

Now in theory you could get an et30 wheel and that would push out the wheel a bit more (loose some efficiency) but that would create more room on the inside.

Hope that helps.


Brian H | 12 avril 2013


Geir Berge | 18 avril 2013

Is it possible to get the "offset" for the wheels. The wheel supplier ask for the ofset, to find out what is the awailable space (how large tires / wheels is possible.)

I have not got my car yet (and can not meassure the disctance), and want to order some nice wheels and have them ready when I receive the car.


Alex K | 18 avril 2013

@Geir Berge | APRIL 18, 2013: Is it possible to get the "offset" for the wheels.

Here are some specs for the OEM Tesla wheels:

Lug pattern 5x120
40mm offset
65mm center bore
21" Wheels (21x8.5")
19" Wheels (19x8.0")

MarkV | 18 avril 2013

There is a suspension bracket directly above the tire with about 3/4" clearance. I do not believe you can exceed the outside diameter of the recommended tires by any more than this without an interference. So if you go with larger rims the tire will need to be even lower profile to fit.

pstaffor | 10 mai 2013

I run 20" wheels, with the 40mm offset, and use 20x10.5" rear wheels with 295/30 and 20x9.5" front with 265/35 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo tires. No rubbing, and they fill out the wheel wells nicely. Plus, handling has improved nicely especially when accelerating very hard around a low to mid-speed turn (to answer mrspaghetti's question). The traction control doesn't seem to engage quite as vigorously.

dsterdee | 16 mai 2013

I'm debating on doing 245/30/22, 9" wheels 40 offset or 255/30/22 9" wheels 35 offset. Does anyone have either one? If so what tires and do you experience any rubbing? Do you have air susp that lowers the car? Load rating on the 245/30/22 is low, so I wanted to go bigger but worried about the fit.

dsterdee | 16 mai 2013

Looks like I will need to stick with the 40 offset. The load rating on a 245/30/22 is too low for the car and it looks like I will need to bump up to a 255/30/22 Does anyone know if that will fit the tesla with a 9" et 40 wheel?

StingSC10 | 6 juillet 2013

@Pstaffor: I'm considering 20" wheels with 9" in front and 10" in the rear. Do you see any problem with this? I don't want to go as low as a 30 tire and was hoping I could use a 40. Any pointers on be offset?


CAdreamin | 6 juillet 2013

If anyone wants to receive an email from me with pics of rims to fit MS - email Jerry at

The 22s will look great, but are suseptible to road hazard damage and increase unsprung weight. (lighter = faster)

cfOH | 9 juillet 2013

@pstaffor said: I run 20" wheels, with the 40mm offset, and use 20x10.5" rear wheels with 295/30 and 20x9.5" front with 265/35 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo tires.

Which wheels did you get? That sounds like a great setup...should get tons of grip.

pstaffor | 14 juillet 2014

@StingSC10: Since those are smaller than mine by 1/2", the fit should be fine.
@ctOH: Wheels are ADV10 TSSL with the exposed assembly flange, polished lip, painted spokes. You do have to use special teflon-coated sockets to keep from scratching the paint when you take off the lugs, but other than that, no special care required. Haven't seen road chips either, I avoided the concave wheels for exactly that reason. No additional road noise, handling matches the chassis, and I haven't scraped the rims on curbs (yet).

Drakester347 | 14 juillet 2014

@pstaffor... those wheels are awesome. Aren't they like 10K?

sanjanv | 23 octobre 2014

I am getting 255/30/22 and 295/25/22 pirellis. on 22x9/22x10.5. with Pirelli Pzero tires. Has anyone done something like this. My only concern is rubbing which I been hearing about. It will be going on the new Tesla P85D delivered this Dec 2014.

Any comments from anyone running these tires would be helpful.

Bighorn | 23 octobre 2014

The fronts might rub on full lock.

FelixMendeldog | 24 octobre 2014

These should set you apart from the crowd:

Red Sage ca us | 24 octobre 2014

FelixMendelDog: It will SO suck when someone does that to a Tesla Model X...

matthewkmadsen | 13 avril 2015

@sanjanv - I hope you're enjoying your Tesla. I am receiving my P85D end of this month and preparing a similar wheel/tire set-up (255/30/22 and 295/25/22 on 22x9/22x10.5 with pirelli pzero nero GT tires. I have coil suspension (not air). Do you have any rubbing with this set-up? Thanks...