Leather care advice: Lexol, Zaino, Leatherique

Leather care advice: Lexol, Zaino, Leatherique

Is the leather top coat urethane or vinyl?

How long does that top coat last?

From reading lots of reviews, there are 3 great leather products: Lexol, Zaino (Z9 and Z10), and Leatherique.

It seems from the reviews that the Zaino products are a good choice for the Tesla (assuming the leather is urethane coated).

Is there a way to re-coat the leather like it was when I bought it? What product would you use to do that?

I find the leather care advice in the Tesla manual hard to believe. All leather cars since the 1990's have top coats on the leather and people swear by these products above for keeping the leather in great shape, so unless Tesla invented something brand new in leather (have they?), I think you are going to need these products.